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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.


From the Frontlines

(December 13th - Combat Stats & Records)
(OKW) Gefreiter Semrdar: " It all started at Gouvy, we were trying to take the AB since we capped all spawnables and everything, except the AB. So then I saw a rifleman coming out of the little hole of death on the AB wall, I don't think he saw me at first, so I decided to take a chance and take a few careful shots, not to rush anything, so then I think I got him, but he didn't, he just went prone and shot at me. Bang! I thought I died when everything was red, but I was still seeing the rifleman in front of me and not seeing the action on birds-eye view, so then I just unloaded my whole clip on that deutch and killed him. After that, I saw another rifleman on the corner wall of the AB shooting some of my mates, and he didn't notice me, so I ignored him, trying not to attract any attention, but as I was passing through the little hole on the wall, I couldn't help buy notice an eATG just sitting there, deployed watching the AB entrance, then I just lobbed a grenade through the little hole and it luckily made it inside, because I suck at throwing grenades accurately, then BANG! The eATG was just sitting there, wondering if I got it, so then I decided that I did, then I heard that rifleman on the corner of the wall still shooting, unaware of my presence.. So I just said "What the heck.." since I was already wounded by that first bastard, so again, I unloaded my SMG clip into that rifleman, I didn't hit him once! I quickly reloaded, he found me out, shot at me, missed! SMG was fully loaded again! I waste all my rounds on him and he shot me.. I later found out that we both killed each other..
2 Rifleman Kills, and 1 eATG.. Nice Job if I do say so myself..

(AHC) Major Sarge1: " In side blown up Vehicle spawn in armybase. crawled into hole in roof crawled onto steel girder and shot what ever EI i could see in front hole of building and the ones that were looking for me on the walkway in the ear of the building. One finally saw me shot me just bfore i could get a sight on him. But was fun anyways.. And NO i wasnt Clipping in case anyoen cries cause they were killed. excuses for gettng killed runs rampet for you score whores."


Neo's Sniperlog

Neo617's Sniper Log

00:17 - Deployed with platton
00:18 - Mortarman. <100m. Kill.
00:20 - Area secure. Orders= Cover assault.
00:25 - Rifleman. 400m. Kill.
00:26 - Grenadier. 215m. Kill.
00:27 - ATR. 410m. Kill.
00:31 - Mortarman. 435m. Kill.
00:35 - Grenadier. 435m. Kill.
00:37 - Rifleman. 435m. Kill.
00:40 - Fallen back. Enemy spotted on flank.
00:42 - Rifleman. 420m. Kill
Town taken. All quiet.

Lt. Colonel Neo617
Nov 16, 2007

Love is in the air


Axis sapper guides

(November 18th - Oberkommando Das Heer)
(OKH) Subzero1 made two videos to show the axis sappers how to flame the enemy tanks: " How to kill british armour one Satchel is to flame and the second is to blow the tank up. So you have options there you can do one or the other."

British armor

French Armor

Surfs up

(November 18th - World War II Online)
(BE) And so Campaign #41 has begun and as expected the capitol of Luxembourg is a hotspot. French troops have advanced into a wedge from Luxembourg to southwestern Germany, while 6. Armee pushed into France trying to flank the french operation. A big suprise is that 12. Armee together with the Kriegsmarine managed to take the whole Zeelands and maintain the central as well (with Battles such as the Barrage of Givet ) as the area around Antwerp, intact. The setup from Wehrmacht looks at first like a classic "Waffles!" setup but the british and french troops will surely move to defend Brussels. One things for sure, it's an exciting development and all soldiers are to report to the Battlefield! Surfs up! (in the Zeelands).
New videos are Hella 1337 RAFdweeb BTZ Remembrance Day 2007 and Help!.


Campaign #41 to begin

(November 15th - World War II Online)
(BE) Today Campaign #41 or #4 since TOEs were introduced is about to start so gear up and head east or westward depending on your affiliation (and how the war goes).

From Intermission: British Summer

Allied forces Victorious

(November 12th - Allied High Command)
(AHC) Today they Allied High Command announced that they won the 40th Campaign and 3rd with the new Brigade rules. Read more.



(November 7th - Playskewls)
(BE) Today KFS1, Code at Cornered Rat Software explained the coding process of the game: " If a tree falls in the road and a guy comes along with a fork lift and starts by pulling out the branches that are trapped under the trunk, he's going to take a long, long time. TOEs - not just the work in 1.27 - let us rip out 170,000 lines of code and replace them with 40,000 lines of strat and supply systems that are Battleground Europe rather than WWII Online, that is designed to go where we are going rather than puked up by a bunch of guys knocking out lines of code to keep their income coming or - credit to Marty (Vandal) - trying desperately to keep the plywood raft near the surface and between him and the sharks." Link.


Last stand at Schleiden

(November 6th - Oberkommando Das Heer)
(OKH) Heavy fighting was reported all along the front today. Eupen was lost to a french armoured brigade but taken back by the aid of Fallschirmsjäger and during that time, a small Infanterie Division made a last stand at the once quiet german town Schleiden. While the civilians fleed north to safety Kommanduer Kubaite arrived to the last stand at Schleiden. From the Front participated in the intense Bunker fight who had it all.. including EI taking 100 bullets from 3 different directions and still manages to run around the stairs and shoot down to defenders A sortie from the Bunker.


Todays fighting

(November 5th - From the Frontlines)
(WWII) While Wehrmacht attacked Mendig and tried to keep the steam up against Antwerp, AHC attacked Hallschlag. Great fights occurd with gruelsome skirmishes from fb:s to the outskirts of cities and larger battles within the cities. French and british troops are deployed deep into Germany while the northern front is pretty much the same as when war broke out on november 2nd. Althou the outcome seems certain, Wehrmacht have shown a more resolut apperance on the battlefield the last 24 hours, if they can hold the line for the weekend there is a chance for them.


Epic fight for the Zandvliet church

(November 5th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Not many fights deserve to be called epic but during the struggle to gain the city of Antwerp lots of infantry clashed at Zandvliet and while axis held the west depot british paratroopers tried for it after capturing the rest. Lots of infantry tried to control the church in the most intense churchfight ever witnessed by From the Front.

Concerns about TOE

(November 4th - Playskewls)
(PS) With the current set of rules by TOE's (Table of equiptment) the brigades are the focus of the game. Brigades have the equiptment meaning if you want to join a fight with a naval brigade you have to choose your Naval persona and spawn into that brigade to fight. Towns and cities doesn't mean that much when it comes to the tactics of attriting and sending an enemy brigade of the map (ensuring you can move forward with your brigade). The Hich Commands and OIC's can move brigades around and it usually doesn't matter what the players in the game think. You can have 30 paratroopers in-route an attack objective and suddenly (usually with some kind of prior warning) it's gone and the HC's decide where the players should go instead. Often the soft-cap is a priority, to avoid a fight and capture a town with no defenders in order to flank the enemy brigades.

Commander Aeropaus, Corps Cav, 2.LMD: " I've been telling anyone who wants to listen that softcapping is awful. AOs should be places where people can fight, not to make a town blue or red for your own 20 minute ego boost.I loathe it.If CRS could come up with some sort of anti-softcapping measure (e.g. you cant AO a town that isn't linked to a friendly brigade) it would eliminate at least half of all softcaps.This is a war game, and in war people fight, they don't hump tables and run around towers that can see through bushes to change the flag on a town."
This means that the squadleaders (who leads the main bulk of the players) must be in close contact with the HC's but there is nothing ensuring that a squadleader with a roster of 1000 members gets his say in anything.
Panzersoldat Roner, Afrikakorps: " It is not an HC problem. HC´s only uses the rules the better way they can. The problem is to run an strategic & action game at same time."
TOE's are god and bad and needs to be tweaked as well as more objectives in the countryside should be added alongside many other features, the main one beeing a fix of the broken infantry game. If you unload a clip of smg fire into an enemy or places a rifleshot in the head or chest of your enemy it's not unusual that the enemy turns or moves away and then fires on you and you die.

If we leave the infantry game for a while and concludes what's wrong at the moment with TOE's it's that, Squad Leaders leads players who enlisted with them, the player choose to be a part of that organisation but High Commanders are players who joined the HC after a very short training session with the Officer Candidate School (OCS). Years ago the training was 5 weeks with lots of field training before graduating and applying for a position. That and the main focus usually differs, a High Commanders objective is to win the Campaign and the main objective for the Squad Leader is to ensure fun times for his members. Something needs to be done and the solution is long overdue.
Oberfeldwebel Slob, 3rd Panzergruppe: " This whole TOEs thing has gotten completely out of control from an HC standpoint. it's been going on every map and it ceases to stop. you guys are alienating the other people who play this your quest to win maps, you are boring the daylights out of the MAJORITY, that's right the MAJORITY, of the playerbase by "avoiding the fight" to win maps.i just logged off again because of boredom. allies have the initiative and are overpopped and there are four AOs. three are on empty towns and one is on piesport, a navy brigade that nobody can spawn into because we don't have rank and all the rifles are squad was loading up paras to try to drop on said empty towns because there was NOTHING ELSE TO DO. boring. this happens at least 50% of the time i log on these days. i was happy as a fiddle last night in lux because one or two ei were moling the town and i killed one rushing my bunker. pathetic.what happened to big battles and something for everyone? yeah you see big battles during allied primetime i'm sure. i wish i played allied primetime. this game is slowly declining into fun for the minority and unfun for the rest. the BC had a minority alienating the majority, and rules changed. allied rdp bomber pilots had a minority alienating the majority, and rules we have the HC minority alienating the majority and rules need to change. the HCs need to put less focus on taking as much ground as possible by moving brigades and taking empty towns with their exclusive chess game and filter it into making more fun for the playerbase. fun for the playerbase is guys are failing at your primary goal in ww2ol right now and someone needs to slap you in the face to remind you of your purpose. most HC people are really nice people and good spirits. i get along well with most. i am not an HC hater, but it seems to me that the HCs may have lost their way a bit with these new rule changes."
Vampress: " Well the primary goal for HC is to win at any cost...Alienation of the player base is a small price to pay for victoryIt's NOT the job of HC to make things 'FUN' for you. I think maybe they need to make towns more important again...Big towns supply faster then little towns maybe? why hold the 4 AB towns when it's easy to contain and defend your 4 BDE strike force in a 1 ab town?Or maybe make limits on how many bde's can go into towns....more in big towns(they have the infastructure) and less in small towns."
Read the thread with the discussion.



OKW Awards

(November 1st - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Lince, Generalfeldmarschall des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, OKW-Country Commander, announced: " S! OKW is glad to assign an award to the squads based on the caps they made during last campaign but not only. the COMBAT BAR ( Gold ) is assigned to :3rd Panzergruppe with 900 caps. CO peepers. the COMBAT BAR ( Silver) is assigned to :1775th Rapid Deployment Force with 516 caps. CO mrfreeze.
The COMBAT BAR ( Bronze)is assigned to :Heavy Tank Battalion 505 with 408 caps. CO neri. The MERIT STAR is assigned to : 4 - 300 batallon de ingenieros de asalto with 381 caps. CO wampire, 5 - 7.Infanterie Division with 371 caps. CO aeternum, 6 - Kampfgruppe Wiking with 371 caps. CO vagnluv, 7 - 16th Infanterie Division with 358 caps. CO sprouto, 8 - Knights von Deutschland with 314 caps. CO olavv, 9 - 91st Sturmbattalion with 270 caps. CO messtin and 10 - 9. Infanterie-Division with 236caps. CO etmal. Join me in congratulating these fine squads and their members.
" Read the thread.



Allied forces Victorious

(October 31st - Allied High Command)
(AHC) Today they Allied High Command announced that they won the 39th Campaign and 2nd with the new Brigade rules. Read more.


The Battle of Bitburg

(October 30th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Major Svedala deployed at the Bitburg-Vivande depot at 18:48 carrying his trusted kar 98 rifle. In order to defend Bitburg he joined the defense of the depots with infantrymen like Sab06 and then moved out of town with panzers in order to get a perimiter to deny the french and british forces to deploy mobile spawns close to town. Svedala shot one british rifleman and then moved towards the west forward base where he managed to damage one light-machinegunner one QF 6 pounder, two QF 2 pounders, five Bofors 40mm AA gun, one Bedford and one Morris gun tractor, while scouting for the panzers.


This weeks video picks

Axis & Allies bombing raid By Soyo102

Roermond battle provided by Bionicyahoo made by KFS1

WWIIOL RDP raid by Tubiflex

WWIIOL - new naval effects by Unknown

Southern front open

(October 28th - Southern Front)
(OKW) Today while BKB claimed that they saved France, Wehrmacht confirmed that the southern front lacks enough brigades to hold the Fresnes-Arlon line leaving the city of Luxembourg open for the taking. It was unknown what OKW was planning in order to save the southern front at the time this article was published but the french and british forces in the area are said to keep up the push eastwards. With Tier 3 now available M10's and Tigers are seen on the battlefield and new tactics employed.


Changes to Axis News

(October 26th - Axis News Team)
(PR) The Axis News layout will undergo major changes to better reflect a newspaper. Expect lots of updates this weekend with the finished result available by monday. During the next week the Archived editions from Axis News, Zeitung die Kriegsmarine, Luftwaffe News and Nachrichten Blitz will be available as well as special editions. There are also plans on making news from the french and british forces available.


Battleground Europe Game Monitor

(October 18th - Playskewls)
(PR) Xiper announced the v0.9.3 released of BEGM: Battleground Europe Game Monitor - public release: " Mostly minor updates and fixes.v0.9.3- game map now zooms in when scrolling to town (via link or typing)- don't show RDP info during intermission- sync RDP cycle data every hour to prevent rounding-error drift and keep cycle/goal up to date- factory allied/axis current health percent now only includes friendly owned factories- can now double click events in Current Attacks (like Recent Events)- added "x mins ago" tooltips to Current Attacks (like Recent Events)- fixed crash when logging after opening log file failed- fixed bug where when brigade kicked out after control lost some facilities remain listed as spawnable until hcunit move event arrives 10 minutes later- fixed display height bug when starting Factory Status widget with all countries collapsed- added BEGM tag to useragent in request headers- misc updates, bugfixes"


Allied tanks versus Axis panzers

(October 17th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) The campaign started October 12th and we can now present the first statsistics from the panzerbattles. French and british tanks have destroyed 1865 of Wehrmachts panzers and lost 1146 which means that the Allies enjoy a 1.63 kill/death ratio (past campaigns it's 1.42). Overall the total loss of lives in all branches and all sides is 122,884 out of 227,615 sorties.
Among the top 6 Tankers, 5 are Axis and one french. #1 is Dacian, DE Army with 95 sorties, 81 kills, 14 panzers lost, 5,79 k/d, 73 rtb and 598 minutes on mission.



Scharfschutze reports in

(October 14th - Oberkommando Das Heer)
(OKH) The call for infantry to Spontin came just as Major Svedala wrapped up in Bergen Op Zoom, a short but hard fight won by Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine showing up in force to support the troops on the ground. Several deployed at Spontin to flush out enemy forces entrenched in the Armybase as well as the depots. Sappers cleared one depot by placing charges on it and then the odd enemy infantry tried to infiltrate the town and that called for Scharfschutzes (Snipers) who kept the killing then enemy infantry who used the same paths in to the town over and over again. The operation was a success and the enemy High Command was unable to escalate the attack with an attack objective.

Newsreel: October 13th

(October 13th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Sedan was one of the most intense battles for weeks. It had lots and lots of infantry with mortars raining fire on eachoter. The Allies held the west side of the river for a while during which time invidual mortarmen sent hundreds of mortarrounds with smoke to cover the advancing panzers and infantry and high-explosive to keep the enemy from holding their positions. One bridge was up and both sides thought they could make a succesful attack on the other side and so the bridge stayed unharmed and hundreds died crossing it. At the end of the day 12. Armee supported by Luftwaffe and detachments from 6. Armee managed to take and secure the town of Sedan. Althou not qualified as an epic battle the intensity of it will be carried in many soldiers minds for weeks to come, this is what world war II online is about.


Video: 88

(October 14th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) During the defense of Andenne, Befehl Billdkat towed 3 Flak36 (88:s) and 2 Flak28 to the area north and south of Andenne in order to meet a french build-up of tanks west and northwest of the town. The detachment were quick to repell the attackars and gain control over the mountain south and hill to the north were they could continue to operate and dis-courage and more french aggressions in the area.


Newsreel: Intermission


Video: Anti-Alt F4

(October 12 - Oberkommando die Luftwaffe)
(OKL) Stuka action by TheChort, 644th Wild Boars.

Newsreel: October 12th

(October 12th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) See the first 45 minutes of Campaign #39, features the initial navy battle of Veere-Kamperland with Kriegsmarine and defense of Gravenpolder as well as Air Strike on Zandvliet by Luftwaffe. The newsreel is ended with the assault on french held Longwyn by Das Heer and Luftwaffe. All clips from Major Svedala, Axis News.


Inermission over and Campaign #39 starts

(October 11th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Intermission was a sucess as Brigade routed didn´t return and Wehrmacht managed to invade and take England. Campaign #39 will continue with the 7 hour resupply timers and Brigades routed will stay off the map for as long as 12 hours as explained by CRS.

Allied forces Victorious

(October 9th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Campaign #38 which started September 6th 1343 CT
ended in Allied Victory at October 9th. A total of 1.533.984 soldiers entered the battlefield and 834.811 were killed, 38.877 control points switched ownership. France deployed 399.848 soldiers and lost 249.667, United Kingdom's BEF 342.842 deployed and 191.144 lost, Wehrmacht sent 791.294 soldiers to war and 394.000 were lost. All top 10 players in sorties were Axis!

Oberstleutnant Hunchman, 2988 sorties, 1614 kills, 58 captures, 8718 minutes.
Major Jdai, 2451 sorties, 1499 kills, 118 captures and 10949 minutes.
Oberstleutnant Jppsx, 2191 sorties, 3716 kills, 15 captures, 9431 minutes.
Leutnant Wllstrt7, 2146 sorties, 1200 kills, 76 captures, 14296 minutes.
Oberstleutnant Berzerkr, 2074 sorties, 2534 kills, 79 captures, 11082 minutes.
Oberstleutnant Swiftcut, 1933 sorties, 2112 kills, 21 captures, 6229 minutes.
Majoren Foxthrot, 1860 sorties, 1516 kills, 88 captures, 9770 minutes.
Hauptmann Dyin, 1692 sorties, 524 kills, 11 captures, 5461 minutes.
Oberst Martyng, 1691 sorties, 923 kills, 192 captures, 6561 minutes.
Majoren Tarrian
, 1674 sorties, 448 kills, 164 captures, 7688 minutes.


Heavy fighting over Monchen-Gladbach

(October 8th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) A massive assault by Wehrmacht was made earlier today to try and brake-out of the temporarily stalemate on German soil and secure the factories of Monchen-Gladbach. When Axis News arrived at the scene, Wehrmacht held half of the city concentrated on the south side and the Airfield kept switching ownership while skirmishes took place on the german countryside. The FB to Kaarst was subject to heavy attacks and once lost regained in no time only to find itself under attack again. Stukas kept bombarding the northern Armybase held by french troops while Jagdfliegers pursued the Royal Airforce over the razed city. The war is not over and Wehrmacht calls on all able soldaten to join the ranks of the frontline troops in order to push back the aggressors.


Nicole on the current campaign

Axis News took the time to ask Anne-Nicole Smith on the current campaign, She is available at this link (Conversation edited for profanities and shortend)

You -> O'RLY .
NICOLE ->Sorry, I'm not smart enough to answer, but I'm learning new things all the time

Conversation thread reset (Pretend that this is a new conversation)


Speak like an australian night

(September 29th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Axis News can report that Oberfeldwebel Slob, 3rd Panzergruppe tried to invent a new Teamspek event but to no avail. Oberfeldwebel Slob explains: " On ts last night i announced that it was Speak like an australian night. if you spoke on ts last night, you had to use an australian accent. Kommandeur Whacko was having none of that and i think he should be banned from the event as a result. The only other person beside myself who participated was Deeks. i think he should be promoted as he does a pretty good australian accent, but i have to admit it's not as good as mine."


Red Layout

This weekend Axis News will be in red in support for the monks in Burma.

Stop farkin shooting monks you stupid farkin military!

You feel the need to play with guns, join World War II Online and get it out of your system in a military simulator, I'm sure we can hook you up with a free account.


From the Front

The Creation known as OT

How OT was created by Fredrik1
It is true that of which they tell. That one the first day, in the beggining of all things, Rafter decended down the stairs into the serverroom and said "Let there be forums!" in which we can have several subsections that would cover discussions all from navy to infantry, and he saw that it was good.
On the second day he once again visited the serverroom, this time he said "Let there be gameplay forums!" in which users can praise and civliy discuss our product.
He saw that it was not so, and he divided it, creating four beasts..

the Barracks - which held the beast head.
the Hangar & the Motorpool together formed the arms, legs and torso..
lastly the Hangar was made from the beasts left pinkytoe..

Then on the third day he once again visited the serverroom, this time he told of a forum unlike any other.. he took everything he could think of, and grinded it into the 'nix machine that holds all life.. the he created OT..
and he saw that his creation was complete..
Then he accidently tilted his coffey mug, pouring the black liquid onto the server farm..
It took three more days to replace the server, and on the seventh day he rested..
and that is how Rafter created OT in only a week.


Awards for excellent service

(September 21st - Oberkommando der Achsenmächte)
(OKA) Generalfeldmarschall Jammyman, announced: " For service to the Axis Team Above and Beyond, RDP Ground Attacks with Paras, Mortermen, and Sappers, the Axis Staff awards the following Officers Meritorious Service award and German Cross 1st Class w/diamonds: Toro15, Zorro15, Colia, Cobby28, Heinz333, Stonz, Genbrad, Lolzza, Rodlee and Tony122." Thread

Merit Star awarded

(September 19th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Generalleutnant Potthead, Kommandeur der 3. Panzerdivision, announced: " S! I hereby would like to award Nafkorn with an award of Merit Star for his courage and bravery and teamwork in every area of the game. NAfkorn always takes on tasks as that are critical and is one of the first to voluonteer for such tasks. During the breakout of 16/09/2007, when allied attacked heavily on many of our northern towns and captured Turnhout, Nafkorn assisted me in many ways by guarding / sapping multiple Fbs to allow for much safer flag movements and cripple enemy attacks. This is only one of many occasions where NAfkorn has gone above and beyond call of duty to serve and protect the Fatherland and for that I SALUTE U NAFKORN. Here is your first of many medals to come sir, where it with pride. The Merit star is awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from gaurding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA." Thread

Production Notes

(September 21st - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) With the introduction of TOE´s in 1.27 KFS1 takes the time to explain what´s going on in the production department: " We'll be making a few, choice, adjustments to TOE variables next week - no new rules or functionality. We focused on the core issues to determine which of the many variables would offer the most bang for the buck and address the factors of current issues rather than symptoms. And we resisted to go in and tweak everything that we weren't 100% happy with so that we can continue to study the evolution of these new features closely and most importantly have the ability to attribute cause and effect."
Read the whole deal



Parasite's Sapper Guide 1.27

(September 12th - 4. Panzerdivision)
(OKW) Parasite, Wolfsrudel, 4. Panzerdivision announced the release of his latest Sapper Guide: " Again the sapper-guides have been adaped to 1.27 (axis and allied). New for the Allies are - added the tbomber ATR guide - added 251C & opel and new for the Axis are Axis: pak guide, made by banzei, jweiter and nafkorn. Thank you for your help or/and work, hans06, kikiller, pebbi, banzei, jweiter and nafkorn and knutsen1!"

You can download all unregistered: Download
You can discuss this over at Discuss


GreatOne retires from CRS

(September 1st - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) In this weeks Newsletter the WWIIOL Community was notified of the retirement of GreatOne from the North America PR Assistant job at Cornered Rat Software. Following the release of version 1.27 of Battleground Europe he will still have some duties within the Realism Event Team (SET). The reason for the change have not been given but GreatOne will still be found on the Battlefield doing what he has always done, tank.

GreatOne's retirement speech:
I just wanted to say thank you to each and every player that plays this game and the ones who are back now becaus of 1.27 that I haven't seen a in a while. I am gonna miss working with you as I have gotten to know quite abit of you all in my time as being a RAT for CRS.

Its been fun and I have enjoyed it and will still even when I am gone. You will still see me around playing and so forth, feel to drop me a line when you see me. I have made allot of friends around on all sides of the game dating back to when I was a Branch commander for the french navy! So I am never gonna forget any of you all who I have touched over the years as hc and rat.

You guys are the best there would not be a game if not for you guys . Stick around and see this game through it should be very promising as it is going to advance even after these toes. I can't wait to see the finished product myself should be quite awesome, I want thank all the rats too they are a great bunch of guys most of the time when they want to be hehe. Anyway Thanks again guys!


Retired CRS RAT
Retired AHC CinC Staff
Retired French Navy Commander



Awards for the capture of Antwerp

(Aug 24th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Generalfeldmarschall Lince, des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, announced about the Campaign 38 capture of Antwerp: " S! I'm glad to announce that a lot of officers, squads and players have been awarded this week for their great action in game and in the Antwerp's Capture. For their great team effort, dedication and sacrifice also in defensive tasks during the 2 Days battle of ANTWERP ( 1st and 2nd attempt ) and great defense of N and S area. The OKW Bluestar (Team Effort Award) is assigned to : "

Airogue - 26.Kampfgeschwader, II.Gruppe XO
averc - 1.Panzer-Division, 2.KG OiC 5
baifo250 - 16.Infanterie-Division, 1.KG OiC 6
banzei - 1.Panzer-Division, 2.KG XXO
bigdog3 - 3.Panzer-Division, 1.KG OiC 5
clust63 - 33.Panzer-Division CO
codylang - 3.Jägdgeschwader, II.Gruppe XXO
cultjon - 5.Zerstörerflotille XXO
dwarf007 - 4.Zerstörerflotille XXO
eyeshank - Kriegsmarine Branch Commander
fiambre - 17.Infanterie-Division, 2.KG CO
hanibal1 - 3.Panzer-Division, 2.KG XXO
harrisc1 - 17.Infanterie-Division CO
ian77 - 17.Infanterie-Division, 2.KG OiC 5
isaristh - 27.Infanterie-Division, 2.KG OiC 4
kitty420 - XIX.Armeekorps CO
kms - Armee Branch Commander
knife00 - 33.Panzer-Division, 1.KG OiC 7
koopman - 1.Panzer-Division, 3.KG(FJ)G OiC 4
maniacm - 5.Kriegsshiffgruppe XXO
mikov503 - 2.Panzer-Division,2.KGCO
munch - 33.Panzer-Division, 1.KG CO
murr01 - 1.Panzer-Division XXO
Noda503 - 2.Panzer-Division, 2.KG XO
olavv - 1.Panzer-Division XO
potthead - 3.Panzer-Division XXO
redneck - 5.Zerstörerflotille OiC 5
rob2222 - 3.Panzer-Division, 2.KG OiC 5
sgt666 - 1.Panzer-Division, 2.KG OiC 4
tegron - Luftwaffe Branch Commander
vfreeze - 2.Jägdgeschwader XO
vondoosh - IV.Armeekorps CO
yark83 - 27.Infanterie-Division, 1.KG XO

1 LB 130Pld 15 DAK 16.ID 24th Pz 250H 2MID 3 GRB 3 PZG 3rd FJ 41st 7.ID Bose26 CSPB FELD KGW MID REI S17 Wolfsrudel
Bierbaer Bollerb3 Coila Deitrich Dernits Drakir Foxthrot Gagamel Greni Jdai Jurgass Kanpai kenney Memnoch Oso Picaro25 Pyotrosh Saschaf Schloss1 Svenson Vagnluv

Last pictures of Campaign 37

KFS1 on 1.27

(August 28th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Cornered Rat KFS1, WWII Online Game Server Programmer: " We're extremely excited about 1.27 - the last 12 months have been slow going with a lot of work going on that hasn't been very visible to you, our customers. In 1.27 that work made its first big payoffs.We went into this development cycle very warily, it seemed like a so-what feature set that was going to put up a real fight. But from the outset things started coming together and the featureset very quickly and very naturally started to fill itself out.On the surface, TOEs are scary and confusing as hell; when you've had chance to play with them for a while, we think you'll find them a lot simpler and more natural than anything since before 1.17.Tuesday morning (Aug 28th) we are going to cease the current campaign and for the next several days - perhaps until after the vacation weekend - run a "microcampaign" with accelerated RDP to give you and the HCs a chance to sink your teeth into RDP, supply, and these other new changes.We can't wait for you all to get a chance to play with the introduction of infield resupply and ammo stockpiling that is going to blow people's minds when they start to see new possibilities. We are really excited to see what you folks will do with all these new toys.Personally, I haven't been this excited about a patch in a long time :) " Link Production Notes

1.27 pending so Truce declared

(August 24th - Oberkommando der Achsenmächte)
(OKA) Axis High Command Daily Log24-Aug-07Troops were on the move across the Muese River. Now secured, Phillipville was being readied for the next push forward. The Allies were building towards a counter on Philipville. Recon reports revealed several Allied build ups in the area. A forward base had been set up and was bustling with activity. I took a platoon with me to scout this forward base for my self as I had good reason to believe my counter part Ballew was leading the counterstrike on Phillipville. As I approached the forward base I saw a huge flight of Allied bombers inbound Philipville, I ordered the radio man to warn the command in of the eminent danger.Sniper fire rang out, we were spotted. As I took cover I saw most of my platoon die one by one. I finally got visual on the sniper, snuck around and took him out. In all the excitement I had not realized I was now out of Ammo, I could not get back to my men as the area was now full of Allied infantrymen. I could here Panzers approaching and as well the sound of French Tanks. There was about to be a clash right near my position. I took cover knowing my Troops would be victorious. Then I could rejoin them.As the eminent battle began I saw a French Commander attempting to flank my position. I had no ammo and I had only surprise in my favor. I made a dash to a more secured position and waited for the commander to come close. As he got closer and closer I noticed it was none other than my nemesis Commander Ballew. I was going to bag me the Allied Commander in Chief himself. As he closed on my position another Allied infantryman ran up and crouched just 3 feet in front of me. Did I risk being seen or use my knife to kill him silently. I chose the knife. The infantryman was able to fire a shot and gave away my position to the Allied Commander. I finished the infantryman off and grabbed his rifle. The magazine was empty. Ballew was inbound and only 10 feet away. I pointed the rifle and noticed he had just a knife in his hand. Somehow he knew I had no round in the weapon. He danced around as if to dare me to fight hand to hand.We argued, swore, called each other names. As we began to scream at each other we realized that our fits of rage at the beginning of the map where we placed a bounty on each others Command staff had us both without immediate staff. We began to laugh, my men had killed his command staff and his men had killed my command staff and we were left with the options to fight to the death and possibly have the victor win the war or decide on a truce to build up our commands again. Neither of us willing to allow this sort of victory we both agreed to call a truce. As we shook on the agreement I was able to steal his command plans for future Campaigns.As I walked away I could here him snicker. I wondered what that was all about until I noticed he had taken my plans as well. AXIS will be Victorious.25-Aug-07Began to restructure my command with the finest field commanders the Axis has ever seen. Soon we will break this truce and finish what we began.

Axis Forces
Oberkommando der Achsenmächte


Awards for the Battle of Dinant and Namur

(August 17th - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Generalfeldmarschall Lince, Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht: " S! I'm glad to announce that I have submitted request for an award to the following Officers and Players : GERMAN CROSS 3rd CLASS to :POTTHEAD - 3.Panzer-Division XXOIRON CROSS 2nd CLASS to :TORO15- 16.Infanterie-Division COOLAVV- 1.Panzer-Division XOWith their great action they assured the Capture of Dinant and Namur and a great defense in North and South Area.A big thx to LW and KM for their great support.Also a big thx to all the players and squads involved there. They gave all to reach the target."
Thread in Axis Discussions


Do not mess with Kriegsmarine´s Fairmilles

(August 19th - Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine)
(OKM) Kommodore Mwhitman, Chef des Stabes der 2. Angriffsdivision released a video where members of his Division attacked and sunk a british Destroyer.. with Fairmilles and infantry! Discuss.


Gyrfalk, the British Destroyer Captain, explains: " Well guys that DD was me.I have litle experience with DDs , i just got rank a week or so ago.Still here is my side of the story.Me and 2 other destroyers (i wont give names if they want to step in its ok) got close to the canal and there was a DD there being pounded by fmbs. I shelled them both but one was sheltering behind the DD so i went to the canal to sink him. 2 others came to help, dont remember if they were 1 or 2 but anyway i killed them them too and proceed to find a DD near BOZ and face him.He released a few torps but to no effect, and i opened with my bow guns and he did the same i think he got major damage because he despawned.Then i was expecting another DD hidden to the west but 3 fairmiles just advanced full speed all guns blazing. I had a lot of damage by then, no ammo in the bow guns, and they managed to get all my guns very quickly.Now the worst part was i thought i had 2 friendlies behind me helping...well i was wrong they moved west and left me by myself facing the odds. One even told i was *****in.Ok i said lets see where these leads..slowly started to move west trying to get some speed and disengage but the fmbs got my engines or propeler and caught up with was fun cause from there on i had 1 110 shooting me 3 fmbs and an EDD far that shot me a few times but he didnt make a move. I heard shots of a rifleman too. I laughed a bit too, hehe .I just sat there to see what happens next but no i did not yelled on comms or anything and the DD that came, did it on his own decision not because i didnt cry for help.Off course i warned him of the far DD and he got him by surprise .. and sunk him.I then startd list and gluu gluu.I knew this would give a great story for all those guys around me so i didnt despawn .Anyway this is what ww2ol is about or it should be.. a good gaming experience.S! all and good game keep those wolf packs teams, navy needs more pplGyrPS- Some of were very quick to judge my actions and call me an idiot, but maybe those should look in the mirror a bit more..."


VonWiggle videos

(August 17th - Oberkommando der Luftwaffe)
(OKL) Oberstleutnant Wonwiggle, Jagdflieger des Jagdgeschwader 5 "Eismeer" isn´t just an excellent Luftwaffe flieger, he can make videos to. This campaign he flew 246 sorties with a 5,46 kill/death ratio and also managed to present 11 videos. Enjoy!



Relax video a YouTube hit

(August 8th - Axis News)
(PR) The somewhat odd world war II online video; "Relax" by Svedala was released August 6th, and within hours it placed itself as the #38 most linked video on Youtube among game videos that day. Today, 2 days later it´s still climbing and holds the #31 ranking (update: #26) kicking Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft videos in the nuts. Using the music of Mika, the new music phenomena, with suggestive unreal clips from several world war II online campaigns, the video have been linked to almost one hundred sites over the internet and it´s still spreading. The sequal, "Another World" is in the making and will be an ode to the fighting men and women of the 6 year old MMO which features the largest gamemap on the internet. Watch the Relax video here


WillyTee cartoon: NTGMAK

(August 6th - WillyTee Productions)
(WT) Finally Iraqibot recieved recognition and it´s in one of WillyTees cartoons! Oldzeke sings the song to the cartoon: North to get my ass kicked and references to contemperary OT as well as the map are given. Link




Wehrmacht captures Luxembourg

(July 23rd - Oberkommando Das Heer)
(OKH) Lince, CO Das Heer: " I'm glad to announce that I submitted request for an award to the following Officers, With their great action they assured the Capture of Remich and Luxembourg and a great defense in North Area Also a big thx to the Axis squads like CSPB, 250H, 15 DAK, Wolfsrudel, GD, 505th, Kgw and 16 ID for their contribution.A big thx to LW for their great support.Join me in congratulating these fine officers and squads."

Iron Cross 1st Class
Kitty420 - 19 AK CO
Potthead - 1.2 CO

Iron Cross 3rd Class
Toro15 - 16 ID XO
Olavv - 1 PD XO

OT: The Gold ship

The goldship Quig was sinking quickly. With an electrical engine running on canadian electricity the idea might have been fine as long as you stayed within cordslenght of the coast but the manufacturer had forgot something, the Quig was sockless. “Abandon ship! Everyone into the Vapor rafter!” hollered Captain Hadal. But the crew and passengers knew there were not enough room in Vapor to fit them all, so they threw Joker34, Firebugs, Indo420 and Fredrik1 overboard. Then everyone, even Wound and Bonger followed Hadal down into the rafter grabbed onto whatever they could. Captain Hadal ordered everyone to form a line to get some Ordnung on the Vapor, even Ring helped out with some charts he made earlier. Everything seemed fine and dandy and Firebugs started to sing his favourite song “Hallpasses everyone.” Bleuize and Arkham, holding onto the rafter from the sides as there was no more room, joined the singing. Hummel81 who recieved marine training held on to his own floating device, the Moxin 2000, hanging on for dear life fighting Majhavoc to get into the rafter gave little to no notice of Klaas screaming on the top of his lungs "Stop clipping the farkin boat!". Luggs, secured in the rafter explained quickly that all Allies were welcome aboard the ship. Hummel81 an Majhavox gazed on those who had seats inside the rafter, Iraqibot, Svedala and all the other lurkers.

After several days, suffering topics such as "So i bought teh new NCAA 08 for Xbox", "Why Farmers are Committing Suicide In Disquieting Numbers!!" and the ever so popular "Don't hate me because I'm better than you", they were rescued by a Lenski and his amazing russian made submarine, just back from a patrol along the spanish west coast.

Captain Hadal counted his passengers: svedala, d0c7, bohratom, sam90 , ryld, DOC, frenkie, satan, Moxin, amras16, schnelli, ulvhund, bock, HALLPASS, styopa, tonkyy, blfalcon, flyer13, gothic, gusty, ärnett, wewak, osprey39, sres, sabot8, diabl0, bigmex73, jwilly, main4ce, mrslave, jim4581, Bonger, Madurai , li85 , indo420 , ahwulf , shifty , khsolo , svenhoek , Kms , shrink , KILLER, paradox, rkos, join1lb, hanibal1, darrens, cobby28, indur, gazoo, hovdawg, unc1et, vondad, cavalier, KFS1, sixpence, wokelly, Britboy, pmikla, degamer, horny74, killn, altruis, Vampress, sniff, juanfran, klaas, luggs, rodlee, goth, rolltide, player1, csanders, dijpa, lurch64, bylzebub, reichfur, hammy, sprouto, adeuk, Whoofe, will1892, polorutz, sqwurl, mx555, bobio, Sockless, tilolyen, BLOO, vapor, halsey, vodkaace, tred, peetee, dirbs, tbomber, tantrist, Vishnu, leb0wski, lmlange, slinky, hughes, Eko13wf, herrlabe, tr6al, turo, mrwinkie, bongo12, bersi, vondoosh, Konrad, staffsgt, k1ng, edvard, nordger, mpathy42, sgtrose, haz43, isofaded, Reyern, quig, tiger319, uteboy, neri, Arkham, ensign, scotsman, wound, binky, miestrox, Swag, gewehr98, me110, kilo69, alphie, kirstein, ä wherwulf, swiftcut, speedp, potthead, yark83, jozef, di11on, iceman9, zabrisk, tread1, bvrbrook, x15, canukplf, lure, jon1937, majhavoc, ddot, dolfo and sokka. There were more then when they left Canuckistan some even missing. Baffled he filed a .report and logged out.

Newsreel: Schilde Airquake

Get the High-Quality over at Filefront airquake.wmv


WWIIOLers to play POTBS

(July 20th - WWIIOLers Community)
(OT) Do you feel like extending your WWIIOL experience and play alongside fellow wwiiolers in other games. OT or wwiiolers play Tribal Wars (800+ members) and started Second Life again (about 15+ and growing) and also plan on playing Pirates of the Burning sea (POTBS). So if you want to sail alongside Angriff, Bossbear and more, head over to the link below and join the planning table! It has been discussed since september 2005!
On another note a former TIB member, Ralf, now in POTBS also works for the newspaper Ten Ton Hammer so check it out:

WWIIOLers: Time to return

(Old News - Second Life Invasion by WWIIOLers)
(OT) Once agan, the numbers are picking up as more and more OT´ers (WWIIOLers joins the ranks of those who stayed after the Jessie wars in Second Life. In the beginning it was a welcome addition to the buggy World War II online s they players could code themselves and pretty much decide what the rules were. Back then, Did WWIIOLers Crash Baku? Yes they did, and while Second Life have been spared for a long time, the return might be a little more peaceful but Second Life will be spiced up by the new additions. As the OT has a history of invading other forums and games, it´s about time that Teh OT culture will return!
From the SL wiki

Cy an two WWIIOLers celebrate the crashing of the Baku simulator 2004 and
their revenge agains One Song. The water in the background is where Baku used to be.

A video from a firefight July 19th 2007

Killer explains about AO´s and TOE´s

(July 20th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Cornered Rat Killer explains about the introduction of Attack Objectives (AO´s) that was implemented years ago and many players still feels made it harder for Squads to play the game they want to: " All Killer did was put an end to large groups of players popping around the map sneaking into empty towns at will and running away like little girls when they were faced with even the smallest challenge like fighting when they had 3-1 odds and most of a town camped.If that's what squads were mostly about that's too bad, it's bad gameplay.Any squad that actually likes challenging head to head combat has been in no way affected by most changes. This is a combat game after all. Nobody should expect to attack a supposedly garrisoned town and not be defended against." And he adds after someone have objections about the view on squads ruinging the game with soft-caps pre-AO´s: " People who were here know who was doing what back then and who wasn't, I spent my share of time riding with squads, whole attack forces parked 2 feet outside EWS range while inf hid out by every table like cat burglars. If anyone spawned in before a barrel was pointed at every spawn point, the whole attack force despawned and went elsewhere.... It got bad enough that after loss of 3000+ players in only few weeks due to it we were forced to do something about it, and AO's, longer EWS ranges and new cap rules evened it out quite a lot.Squads come and go, I've been a part of large squads in online sims for about 20 years, I've seen em come and I've seen em go, been CO of a few myself. As soon as nobody steps up to the plate and does the work it takes to keep a squad fun, as soon as new blood isn't brought into a squad regularly, even the biggest squads wither up.We put squad recruiting in to make it easier to recruit and easier for new recruits to find like minded, and same timezone and language players to hook up with. Most players seem to like it, those that don't are free to never use it.I wanted it in on day 1 back in 2001, and wanted to offer squad website hosting free to squads with built in stat pages, rosters and whatnot. Maybe someday we'll have the resources to offer that.As for brigades, Brigades are required for TOE's, TOE's are required for supply, supply and supply lines are required if the game is ever to have anything better than the unhistorical and totally inflexible identical little spawn list at each town on the entire map. Something we've been waiting to get done for 6 years.Yeah I'd have liked to have had all that in 2001 too, gotta take a step at a time though with limited resources, and we've done the best we can to make each step work on it's own while we build to the next one, despite some players attempts to theorize evil intents and conspiracy theories and making it as hard for us as they possibly can every step of the way."

Urikbg26, player: " I think the RAT's recognize this fact and are trying hard to remedy this situation by producing peripheral trimmings such as Visible IDs, upcoming Patch Capabilities, and Squad Forums. However, what squads really need is Mission Planning Capabilities (Breifing Rooms), Tactical Targets (Credit for achieving tactical goals rather than just killing people (AE..taking a Hill, Recon, Resupply, etc..), The ability to share points for team achievements."

Cornered Rat Killer: " As soon as TOE's are in game and stable, and we've had time to see if that system need changes, we are moving into reworking scoring and missions.The ideas here are changing missions to more specific tactical goals with more specific rewards, squad based scoring and squad ranking, moving CSR off the web site and into the game client, rewriting scoring so we record kills better and record assists and so forth. We've been waiting for time to do these things for years now, and that time is coming soon.Changing supply away from the old 2001 system of dinky identical spawn lists in every town on the map was a long road, rewriting a lot of the server, with a lot of other changes thrown in to basically put out fires when people gamed the game too hard.It took a couple of years, and changes like brigade spawning that by itself didn't make a lot sense to a lot players, but in context with factories, supply lines, and TOE's makes a for a total new and much more flexible and realistic supply system that opens up a lot of possibilities for new gameplay.Again though it'll come in stages, and it's not always apparent to players what the purposes are of those stages by themselves, or what the big picture is that we are chasing."

How to survive as a Squad

(July 20th - Playskewls)
(PR) This year, a few wwiiol squads celebrate their 6th year as a wwiiol squad. 3rd Panzergruppe and Anzacs are two of those. Playing head to head, fighting eachothers for years but also crossing over and playing alongside from time to time. How do you keep a squad going for such a long time, well Cavalier listed his formula:

Cavalier, Anzacs: " Some squads come and go. You also hear people complain that the game or CRS or the HCs have killed squads but somehow some squads constantly remain strong. So what are they doing right?I am a member of a squad that was formed before WWIIOL went live. We are still here and dispite the occassional up or down we are presently as strong as
ever. Here are my observations on how to do it:

1. Have a good website with forums that supports a good social attitude and allows people to talk about WWIIOL and other common topics of interest.
2. Play together virtually everytime you log on! This one may sound like a no brainer but it is so easy to forget as it is too easy for individuals to develop the habit of going off to do their own thing. Soon you may have 15 squadmates online but they are in 10 different locations running around as lonewolves. Playing together really is more fun.
3. The squad must have multiple good leaders to coordinate the squad members and provide focus.
4. Be involved with your HC. Having some squad members in your HC allows you to have some control ofver where and how your squad fights. The most effective HC members are often backed up by squadmates.
5. Run an annual con if you can.

If a squad is going through a bad time it is often easiest and most comforting to blame someone else but that is the road to failure. In the end a squad remains healthy because of the attitude and approach of its members and leaders. Virtually everytime my squad has gone through a bad time it is because we forgot the second point, we forgot that playing together was more fun and why we all joined the squad."

Killer, CRS, added: " I would add that having a regular squad night helps, same time every week or something. Folks can play off by themselves but you need the CO or XO etc. to run a nice organized play session once a week or so. Practice sessions aren't a bad idea either."

Prodius, 3rd Panzergruppe: " TS (Teamspeak) is a big part of my squad. 800+ around 100 active, they come and go but they always return. If it wasn't for TS I would have probably left this game in 2003. Besides Axis TS my squad has a large dedicated TS linux server, unlike Axis and Allied servers it has never went down."


Word from Killer

(July 19th - The Hangar)
(CRS) Hog, Mercenaries: " Holy carp. For you jokers who are too lazy to read Dev Tracker, here's some tid bits from Killer. I don't know why he's posting this stuff in the Barracks. Someone must have forgotten to tell him that the Hangar is the premiere gameplay forum now."

The ideas here are changing missions to more specific tactical goals with more specific rewards, squad based scoring and squad ranking, moving CSR off the web site and into the game client, rewriting scoring so we record kills better and record assists and so forth. We've been waiting for time to do these things for years now, and that time is coming soon.More at

We may eventually go to system like I used in Warbirds, if you alt-F4 (or disconnect or die in any way) Whoever shot you, or whatever enemy is closest in that order, gets a kill on you.Used to be called a maneuver kill a lot of the time, as even folks out of ammo could get a kill on a guy if they could get him to crash while chasing them around on the deck.It would have to be part of the scoring system rewrite we're planning.From

Doc on Tiers

(July 19th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Doc Producer/CRS, Game Manager/WWIIOL-Battleground Europe: " Most favour goes to keeping it and shortening it if you're interested in data over personal opinion, which you may not be, but we certainly are.As an added note, tier 0 is 25% shorter than other tiers already, and averages 1 week out of a campaign ... where the average campaign length is 6 weeks. Tiers 1 and 2 last about 10 days each which covers a total for tier 0, tiers 1 and 2 that amounts to 1 month, on average. This equates to tier 3 lasting 2 weeks (14 or 15 days) on average, or up to 10 weeks in those 2 really long camapigns.

Tier 0 - 1 week (7 days) average
Tier 1 - 10 days (average)
Tier 2 - 10 days (average)
Sub total: 27 days (approx. 4 weeks or 1 month)

Tier 3 = remainder of any campaign post tier 2. Average campaign length after 36 campaigns = 41 days (approx. 6 weeks) Tier 3 - 14 days (2 weeks) average. In 2 campaigns so far contested, tier 3 lasted for 81 days and 90 days respectfully. If you were to fight for 1 year based on the current set-up and historical averages ... you would play tier 0 for approximately 60 days, tier 1 and tier 2 for approximately 90 days each (total 180 days) and tier 3 would fill out the remaining 120 some days outside of that. Given the desire to meet all contingencies and make the greatest use of the entire variety available in WWIIOL, rather tha appeal only to the vocal minority ... we think we have it set up as best meets those criteria.Despite some who oppose it, in the great "can't please everyone" motif that chains itself to configuring a variety of choices for thousands of different opinions ... we think we actually have a good set-up going as it stands. It's not a fluke or accident that it is configured the way it is."

The invasion of Second Life

A long time ago in a forum not that far away, the idea of World War II Online´s OT Community as a force to be reckond with was borned. OT decided that the community had so much to give and riots althou fun was not enough, the word and culture had to be spread across the Interwebs. This was the sole purpose of the Interwebs when Al Gore invented it, invasion. Denw2o brought up the subject again and the belief to spread the word OT style still live, the latest large scale invasion is till going on and it´s in World 3 of the free webbrowser game, Tribal War. The OT or known as The OT Brotherhood invaded and formed what now is a 800 men and women strong organisation which is now in world war with the whole world and holding strong, such is the impact that 8 out of 10 threads in World 3 forum are about OT! But no invasion is like the invasion of Second Life, that finally called for the company to shut down a whole area and ban most OT´ers for life. Watch a video about it (skip to minute 56 of the video). Read the thread in OT.

Invasion of Furry Land (Picture by Gewehr98)

Some dumbass flies a jet into the late Clint (Picture by Gewehr98)

Zeroace: “ That's amazing. The only thing that ever slowed down or killed WW2OLers was biased Linden interference. When matched against other players, they were unstoppable. Most of the WW2OLer's weren't even southerners - Just anti-hippy, anti-politicial correctness, anti-liberal artsy furry types. Which pretty much describes the bulk of Second Life's population.



(May 8th - Axis Discussions)
(OKM) Hvymetal13 observed something.. different: " Leaving Dordrecht in an FMB today I saw a moving cloud that looked sort of like a meteor. It travelled at a fairly decent velocity from left to right, then turned hdg away from my position. I told a few people on chat it was there who dismissed it to a drinking binge. LOLWell as promised these are the screenshots of the object. I have no idea what it is. My only guess is a plane flamed and went down, and it's smoke stayed flying? The images are straight from wwiionline folder except I opened in photoplus to change the format to jpg. I altered the brightness on SSHOT 64 to see if there was a solid object in it. Then I used SSHOT 64 again from original to alter it to negative trying to see what was in the cloud. I thought maybe a plane and had a vid glitch, but can't find anything there. Never saw this before and only the one time.Maybe somone else saw it or has seen it before.."

Danlo´s view on 1.27 Open Beta

(May 16th - 3rd Panzergruppe)
(OKH) Kommandeur Danlo, 3rd Panzergruppe, OIC4 1. Kampfgruppe, 2. Panzerdivision, gives his view on the Beta: " The Mortars are pretty cool. Simple to use, go prone. deploy it, left to right adjustments are just like aiming your rifle(move the mouse) range is Page up/Page down in Increments of 25m, fire like a normal Inf weapon. Mortar HE and bombs are working properly as far as kill radius is concerned. And they have a new graphic which is much cooler looking aswell. I have yet to try ATG or Tank HE yet, will post something once I do.

I hopped in a 109g and it seemed nice, but when I got to target if I got within 2k of town my FPS dropped to 1-2 and after skirting around this "barrier" for several minutes I CTD'd. So I'll let you Flyboys get in there and make your own assesments. I have yet to try out a supply truck, but it appears they are the same as a regular Opel. By that I mean theres not a seperate unit in the spawnlist for it. Just Opel, 251 and HT. Perhaps theres a key to hit just as you would to deploy a MS, except this is an Ammo point? Will look further into later.

1 issue thats sticking out so far is that it appears you die instantly with no audio, just black screen. There were several guys reporting this as a bug thinking they just randomly died but I think its tied to the shrapnel effect HE now has."

At the same time, Xanthus have published the first Mortar guide


(July 15th - Oberkommando Das Heer)

(OKH) Lince, CO Das Heer, announced: " During the Battle of Nandrin, the 13th of July, this player killed over 10 Enemy tanks ( Char, Somua, Pan ) and ATG breaking the enemy attempt to save their brigade.The Merit Star is Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA. Please join me in congratulating this fine player:"

Merit Star Award


Merit Star Award
Snowdog - 17.1 CO Mglass - 33.1 XO Toro15 - 16 ID XO Zorro15 - 16.2 CO Olavv - 1 PD XO Jppower - 1.2 oic 5 Supremoo - 33 1 FJ oic 4. With their great action they assured a great defense in Liege, the Capture of Nandrin, the routing of a french brigade in Ramet and the liberation of Bastogne. Also a big thanx to the Axis squads like 250H, 15 DAK, Wolfsrudel, Kgw and 16 ID for their contribution. Join me in congratulating these fine officers and squads."

Merit Star Award
To Ilgaz. During the 30 minute attack at Helchteren this brave soldaten towed 10+ guns to strategical positions around town. The town was got in overpop time for allieds in half an hour. Later he towed back to town every and single gun around. He also helped to stop the resupply et column coming to town by towing ATGs while in enemy fire.Ilgaz gained the Merit Star award for his actions and bravery showed today.The Merit Star is Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from guarding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.

Iron Cross 3rd Class
Potthead - 1.2 COSparky78 - 33 ID XO

Iron Cross 3rd Class
For his presence in the community, his hard work, his dedication and effectiveness to the game, and his positive impact on the players and officers, it is an honor to award :Westwild - 16 ID Kg1 COwith the Iron Cross 3rd Class

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After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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