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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.


The Battle of Albert

Hauptman Sabot1 reported from the battle: " An epic battle unfolded for the city of Albert. Members of the 3rd panzer organized and led the assault on the town. A mass of armor positioned itself in a crecent around the town effectively limiting external ground reinforcements, and inflicting heavy losses on those who tried. The town quickly fell except for the final Depot. A raging battle ensued as assaults and counter assaults tore through the remnents of the town. Allied air power flexed its muscle to attempt and break the siege, but the attackers would not give up. After 1 1/2 hours, the final allied presence was finally removed.Creative interdiction of allied reinforcements and disrupting assaults on allied FB positions bought the time to needed for the assaulting forces to achieve this victory."

AAR Sortie Started Feb 17, 2009 in a PzKpfw IVg from Bapaume. Ended with 8 kills and 0 captures.

Infantry shoots down aircrafts

Colour Sergeant Harcourt reported from Doullens: " Here is proof positive of my (unlikely) claim that I did in fact shoot down a 109 with the French SMG. Ha!"

AAR Sortie Started Feb 17, 2009 in a French SMG from Doullens. Ended with 1 kill and 0 captures.

Lieutenant Mailman2 reported from the battlefield outside Bouchoir: " The Spit was flying low over our FB. Since we didn't have AA guns up yet he was strafing the deck. I fired my rifle at him several times and got the pilot with a lucky skilled shot."

AAR Sortie Started Feb 17, 2009 in a German Rifleman from Bouchoir. Ended with 2 kills and 0 captures.


Peronne defenders awarded

Commander Oneupu2, BEF announced: " I have two awards thatI have been granted permission from AHC to offer. Firstly, Desaix for destoying all the FBs that I asked him to do. He acted as the PB should when requested for help and carried out each duty with perfection. Three active FBs in total. I award you the FB Destroying Ribbon.

Secondly, for Mifsud01. This guy defending the CPs in Peronne when I called for defensive shield to go up when most others ran past the CPs leaving them vulnerable. He stayed there until after the battle was over and even when I, myself logged off. He is rewarded for his defensive duties and duties to the Allied defense. I award you the Axis Denied Knight Cross. Wear them with pride guys and for all those out there, High Command is watching your every move and you will be duly awarded. Oneupu2 out !

Peronne Defence Awards

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After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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