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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
Campaign 58 - Axis Victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.


Rage - the best of Playskewls

Hotdrop by TheFez, 3rd Panzergruppe
Take a look at more Rage comics over at Playskewls.


1.29 now live

Version 1.29 of Battleground Europe went live on Tuesday the 25th of November. Changes to Tier 0, new training etc have been implemented. Also Vista users should listen to KFS1: " There's an update available for Windows Vista. If you have auto-update enabled, it will reboot your machine. It will pop-up a warning dialog before doing it but it doesn't appear infront of the game." Experience problems? Check out the Community support section for Windows or Macintosh.

Conqueri: " Superpatch if u ask me !Love them new clouds ...bloody awesome."
Eigenman: " No stutters at 5 feet over huge battle and G6 is Uber now."
Rebel357: " FPS way up"

Screenshot by kenney, 7th Royal Engineers

Read more about Attack Objectives at Playskewls some bugs and how to work them, the keymapper and how to get your BEGM to work with 1.29 here. Read Gophur's notes over at the Website.


Brief discussion on Antwerp

Obersha: " For years we have wanted a reverse map so the Axis would stop whining about having Antwerp as an obstacle. Looks like the Allies couldn't take it in early tier. Axis win the argument hands down."
Drucius: " Er...whut?"
Khsolok: " I dont recall allieds tried to take Antwerp this map. Phail argument > Obersha"
Dover: " Yeah I should hope if the Allies have figured out anything by watching us attack from the east for the last 7 years, it's that Antwerp is BAD NEWS!!I do hope that we get at least one Battle of Antwerp this campaign though. You're really not getting the full experience of our side of the map until you've suffered through it for a few days or a week."

Allies Lose, Axis WIN in Playskewls.


Check your compass soldier!

(November 5th - From the Front)
(BE) With the fall of Germany in Campaign 48 the roles have been reversed for Campaign 49, Wehrmacht will go east and the Allies west, well that will be their objective of the campaign thou as the fronts have been shifted at the start of the campaign. At the same time as Wehrmacht will invade Germany and the french and british forces will invade France and England, CRS has launched a major trial offensive to get more players interested in Battleground Europe, over 1000 players have registred so be sure to logg in (Don't forget to adopt a greentag today) and participate in what can be a larger clash of forces then when Paratroopers were introduced.

Read more about the new campaign by Doc here. Read more about the free trial promo here.

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After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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