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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
Campaign 58 - Axis Victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.



Wehrmacht captures Luxembourg

(July 23rd - Oberkommando Das Heer)
(OKH) Lince, CO Das Heer: " I'm glad to announce that I submitted request for an award to the following Officers, With their great action they assured the Capture of Remich and Luxembourg and a great defense in North Area Also a big thx to the Axis squads like CSPB, 250H, 15 DAK, Wolfsrudel, GD, 505th, Kgw and 16 ID for their contribution.A big thx to LW for their great support.Join me in congratulating these fine officers and squads."

Iron Cross 1st Class
Kitty420 - 19 AK CO
Potthead - 1.2 CO

Iron Cross 3rd Class
Toro15 - 16 ID XO
Olavv - 1 PD XO

OT: The Gold ship

The goldship Quig was sinking quickly. With an electrical engine running on canadian electricity the idea might have been fine as long as you stayed within cordslenght of the coast but the manufacturer had forgot something, the Quig was sockless. “Abandon ship! Everyone into the Vapor rafter!” hollered Captain Hadal. But the crew and passengers knew there were not enough room in Vapor to fit them all, so they threw Joker34, Firebugs, Indo420 and Fredrik1 overboard. Then everyone, even Wound and Bonger followed Hadal down into the rafter grabbed onto whatever they could. Captain Hadal ordered everyone to form a line to get some Ordnung on the Vapor, even Ring helped out with some charts he made earlier. Everything seemed fine and dandy and Firebugs started to sing his favourite song “Hallpasses everyone.” Bleuize and Arkham, holding onto the rafter from the sides as there was no more room, joined the singing. Hummel81 who recieved marine training held on to his own floating device, the Moxin 2000, hanging on for dear life fighting Majhavoc to get into the rafter gave little to no notice of Klaas screaming on the top of his lungs "Stop clipping the farkin boat!". Luggs, secured in the rafter explained quickly that all Allies were welcome aboard the ship. Hummel81 an Majhavox gazed on those who had seats inside the rafter, Iraqibot, Svedala and all the other lurkers.

After several days, suffering topics such as "So i bought teh new NCAA 08 for Xbox", "Why Farmers are Committing Suicide In Disquieting Numbers!!" and the ever so popular "Don't hate me because I'm better than you", they were rescued by a Lenski and his amazing russian made submarine, just back from a patrol along the spanish west coast.

Captain Hadal counted his passengers: svedala, d0c7, bohratom, sam90 , ryld, DOC, frenkie, satan, Moxin, amras16, schnelli, ulvhund, bock, HALLPASS, styopa, tonkyy, blfalcon, flyer13, gothic, gusty, ärnett, wewak, osprey39, sres, sabot8, diabl0, bigmex73, jwilly, main4ce, mrslave, jim4581, Bonger, Madurai , li85 , indo420 , ahwulf , shifty , khsolo , svenhoek , Kms , shrink , KILLER, paradox, rkos, join1lb, hanibal1, darrens, cobby28, indur, gazoo, hovdawg, unc1et, vondad, cavalier, KFS1, sixpence, wokelly, Britboy, pmikla, degamer, horny74, killn, altruis, Vampress, sniff, juanfran, klaas, luggs, rodlee, goth, rolltide, player1, csanders, dijpa, lurch64, bylzebub, reichfur, hammy, sprouto, adeuk, Whoofe, will1892, polorutz, sqwurl, mx555, bobio, Sockless, tilolyen, BLOO, vapor, halsey, vodkaace, tred, peetee, dirbs, tbomber, tantrist, Vishnu, leb0wski, lmlange, slinky, hughes, Eko13wf, herrlabe, tr6al, turo, mrwinkie, bongo12, bersi, vondoosh, Konrad, staffsgt, k1ng, edvard, nordger, mpathy42, sgtrose, haz43, isofaded, Reyern, quig, tiger319, uteboy, neri, Arkham, ensign, scotsman, wound, binky, miestrox, Swag, gewehr98, me110, kilo69, alphie, kirstein, ä wherwulf, swiftcut, speedp, potthead, yark83, jozef, di11on, iceman9, zabrisk, tread1, bvrbrook, x15, canukplf, lure, jon1937, majhavoc, ddot, dolfo and sokka. There were more then when they left Canuckistan some even missing. Baffled he filed a .report and logged out.

Newsreel: Schilde Airquake

Get the High-Quality over at Filefront airquake.wmv


WWIIOLers to play POTBS

(July 20th - WWIIOLers Community)
(OT) Do you feel like extending your WWIIOL experience and play alongside fellow wwiiolers in other games. OT or wwiiolers play Tribal Wars (800+ members) and started Second Life again (about 15+ and growing) and also plan on playing Pirates of the Burning sea (POTBS). So if you want to sail alongside Angriff, Bossbear and more, head over to the link below and join the planning table! It has been discussed since september 2005!
On another note a former TIB member, Ralf, now in POTBS also works for the newspaper Ten Ton Hammer so check it out:

WWIIOLers: Time to return

(Old News - Second Life Invasion by WWIIOLers)
(OT) Once agan, the numbers are picking up as more and more OT´ers (WWIIOLers joins the ranks of those who stayed after the Jessie wars in Second Life. In the beginning it was a welcome addition to the buggy World War II online s they players could code themselves and pretty much decide what the rules were. Back then, Did WWIIOLers Crash Baku? Yes they did, and while Second Life have been spared for a long time, the return might be a little more peaceful but Second Life will be spiced up by the new additions. As the OT has a history of invading other forums and games, it´s about time that Teh OT culture will return!
From the SL wiki

Cy an two WWIIOLers celebrate the crashing of the Baku simulator 2004 and
their revenge agains One Song. The water in the background is where Baku used to be.

A video from a firefight July 19th 2007

Killer explains about AO´s and TOE´s

(July 20th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Cornered Rat Killer explains about the introduction of Attack Objectives (AO´s) that was implemented years ago and many players still feels made it harder for Squads to play the game they want to: " All Killer did was put an end to large groups of players popping around the map sneaking into empty towns at will and running away like little girls when they were faced with even the smallest challenge like fighting when they had 3-1 odds and most of a town camped.If that's what squads were mostly about that's too bad, it's bad gameplay.Any squad that actually likes challenging head to head combat has been in no way affected by most changes. This is a combat game after all. Nobody should expect to attack a supposedly garrisoned town and not be defended against." And he adds after someone have objections about the view on squads ruinging the game with soft-caps pre-AO´s: " People who were here know who was doing what back then and who wasn't, I spent my share of time riding with squads, whole attack forces parked 2 feet outside EWS range while inf hid out by every table like cat burglars. If anyone spawned in before a barrel was pointed at every spawn point, the whole attack force despawned and went elsewhere.... It got bad enough that after loss of 3000+ players in only few weeks due to it we were forced to do something about it, and AO's, longer EWS ranges and new cap rules evened it out quite a lot.Squads come and go, I've been a part of large squads in online sims for about 20 years, I've seen em come and I've seen em go, been CO of a few myself. As soon as nobody steps up to the plate and does the work it takes to keep a squad fun, as soon as new blood isn't brought into a squad regularly, even the biggest squads wither up.We put squad recruiting in to make it easier to recruit and easier for new recruits to find like minded, and same timezone and language players to hook up with. Most players seem to like it, those that don't are free to never use it.I wanted it in on day 1 back in 2001, and wanted to offer squad website hosting free to squads with built in stat pages, rosters and whatnot. Maybe someday we'll have the resources to offer that.As for brigades, Brigades are required for TOE's, TOE's are required for supply, supply and supply lines are required if the game is ever to have anything better than the unhistorical and totally inflexible identical little spawn list at each town on the entire map. Something we've been waiting to get done for 6 years.Yeah I'd have liked to have had all that in 2001 too, gotta take a step at a time though with limited resources, and we've done the best we can to make each step work on it's own while we build to the next one, despite some players attempts to theorize evil intents and conspiracy theories and making it as hard for us as they possibly can every step of the way."

Urikbg26, player: " I think the RAT's recognize this fact and are trying hard to remedy this situation by producing peripheral trimmings such as Visible IDs, upcoming Patch Capabilities, and Squad Forums. However, what squads really need is Mission Planning Capabilities (Breifing Rooms), Tactical Targets (Credit for achieving tactical goals rather than just killing people (AE..taking a Hill, Recon, Resupply, etc..), The ability to share points for team achievements."

Cornered Rat Killer: " As soon as TOE's are in game and stable, and we've had time to see if that system need changes, we are moving into reworking scoring and missions.The ideas here are changing missions to more specific tactical goals with more specific rewards, squad based scoring and squad ranking, moving CSR off the web site and into the game client, rewriting scoring so we record kills better and record assists and so forth. We've been waiting for time to do these things for years now, and that time is coming soon.Changing supply away from the old 2001 system of dinky identical spawn lists in every town on the map was a long road, rewriting a lot of the server, with a lot of other changes thrown in to basically put out fires when people gamed the game too hard.It took a couple of years, and changes like brigade spawning that by itself didn't make a lot sense to a lot players, but in context with factories, supply lines, and TOE's makes a for a total new and much more flexible and realistic supply system that opens up a lot of possibilities for new gameplay.Again though it'll come in stages, and it's not always apparent to players what the purposes are of those stages by themselves, or what the big picture is that we are chasing."

How to survive as a Squad

(July 20th - Playskewls)
(PR) This year, a few wwiiol squads celebrate their 6th year as a wwiiol squad. 3rd Panzergruppe and Anzacs are two of those. Playing head to head, fighting eachothers for years but also crossing over and playing alongside from time to time. How do you keep a squad going for such a long time, well Cavalier listed his formula:

Cavalier, Anzacs: " Some squads come and go. You also hear people complain that the game or CRS or the HCs have killed squads but somehow some squads constantly remain strong. So what are they doing right?I am a member of a squad that was formed before WWIIOL went live. We are still here and dispite the occassional up or down we are presently as strong as
ever. Here are my observations on how to do it:

1. Have a good website with forums that supports a good social attitude and allows people to talk about WWIIOL and other common topics of interest.
2. Play together virtually everytime you log on! This one may sound like a no brainer but it is so easy to forget as it is too easy for individuals to develop the habit of going off to do their own thing. Soon you may have 15 squadmates online but they are in 10 different locations running around as lonewolves. Playing together really is more fun.
3. The squad must have multiple good leaders to coordinate the squad members and provide focus.
4. Be involved with your HC. Having some squad members in your HC allows you to have some control ofver where and how your squad fights. The most effective HC members are often backed up by squadmates.
5. Run an annual con if you can.

If a squad is going through a bad time it is often easiest and most comforting to blame someone else but that is the road to failure. In the end a squad remains healthy because of the attitude and approach of its members and leaders. Virtually everytime my squad has gone through a bad time it is because we forgot the second point, we forgot that playing together was more fun and why we all joined the squad."

Killer, CRS, added: " I would add that having a regular squad night helps, same time every week or something. Folks can play off by themselves but you need the CO or XO etc. to run a nice organized play session once a week or so. Practice sessions aren't a bad idea either."

Prodius, 3rd Panzergruppe: " TS (Teamspeak) is a big part of my squad. 800+ around 100 active, they come and go but they always return. If it wasn't for TS I would have probably left this game in 2003. Besides Axis TS my squad has a large dedicated TS linux server, unlike Axis and Allied servers it has never went down."


Word from Killer

(July 19th - The Hangar)
(CRS) Hog, Mercenaries: " Holy carp. For you jokers who are too lazy to read Dev Tracker, here's some tid bits from Killer. I don't know why he's posting this stuff in the Barracks. Someone must have forgotten to tell him that the Hangar is the premiere gameplay forum now."

The ideas here are changing missions to more specific tactical goals with more specific rewards, squad based scoring and squad ranking, moving CSR off the web site and into the game client, rewriting scoring so we record kills better and record assists and so forth. We've been waiting for time to do these things for years now, and that time is coming soon.More at

We may eventually go to system like I used in Warbirds, if you alt-F4 (or disconnect or die in any way) Whoever shot you, or whatever enemy is closest in that order, gets a kill on you.Used to be called a maneuver kill a lot of the time, as even folks out of ammo could get a kill on a guy if they could get him to crash while chasing them around on the deck.It would have to be part of the scoring system rewrite we're planning.From

Doc on Tiers

(July 19th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Doc Producer/CRS, Game Manager/WWIIOL-Battleground Europe: " Most favour goes to keeping it and shortening it if you're interested in data over personal opinion, which you may not be, but we certainly are.As an added note, tier 0 is 25% shorter than other tiers already, and averages 1 week out of a campaign ... where the average campaign length is 6 weeks. Tiers 1 and 2 last about 10 days each which covers a total for tier 0, tiers 1 and 2 that amounts to 1 month, on average. This equates to tier 3 lasting 2 weeks (14 or 15 days) on average, or up to 10 weeks in those 2 really long camapigns.

Tier 0 - 1 week (7 days) average
Tier 1 - 10 days (average)
Tier 2 - 10 days (average)
Sub total: 27 days (approx. 4 weeks or 1 month)

Tier 3 = remainder of any campaign post tier 2. Average campaign length after 36 campaigns = 41 days (approx. 6 weeks) Tier 3 - 14 days (2 weeks) average. In 2 campaigns so far contested, tier 3 lasted for 81 days and 90 days respectfully. If you were to fight for 1 year based on the current set-up and historical averages ... you would play tier 0 for approximately 60 days, tier 1 and tier 2 for approximately 90 days each (total 180 days) and tier 3 would fill out the remaining 120 some days outside of that. Given the desire to meet all contingencies and make the greatest use of the entire variety available in WWIIOL, rather tha appeal only to the vocal minority ... we think we have it set up as best meets those criteria.Despite some who oppose it, in the great "can't please everyone" motif that chains itself to configuring a variety of choices for thousands of different opinions ... we think we actually have a good set-up going as it stands. It's not a fluke or accident that it is configured the way it is."

The invasion of Second Life

A long time ago in a forum not that far away, the idea of World War II Online´s OT Community as a force to be reckond with was borned. OT decided that the community had so much to give and riots althou fun was not enough, the word and culture had to be spread across the Interwebs. This was the sole purpose of the Interwebs when Al Gore invented it, invasion. Denw2o brought up the subject again and the belief to spread the word OT style still live, the latest large scale invasion is till going on and it´s in World 3 of the free webbrowser game, Tribal War. The OT or known as The OT Brotherhood invaded and formed what now is a 800 men and women strong organisation which is now in world war with the whole world and holding strong, such is the impact that 8 out of 10 threads in World 3 forum are about OT! But no invasion is like the invasion of Second Life, that finally called for the company to shut down a whole area and ban most OT´ers for life. Watch a video about it (skip to minute 56 of the video). Read the thread in OT.

Invasion of Furry Land (Picture by Gewehr98)

Some dumbass flies a jet into the late Clint (Picture by Gewehr98)

Zeroace: “ That's amazing. The only thing that ever slowed down or killed WW2OLers was biased Linden interference. When matched against other players, they were unstoppable. Most of the WW2OLer's weren't even southerners - Just anti-hippy, anti-politicial correctness, anti-liberal artsy furry types. Which pretty much describes the bulk of Second Life's population.



(May 8th - Axis Discussions)
(OKM) Hvymetal13 observed something.. different: " Leaving Dordrecht in an FMB today I saw a moving cloud that looked sort of like a meteor. It travelled at a fairly decent velocity from left to right, then turned hdg away from my position. I told a few people on chat it was there who dismissed it to a drinking binge. LOLWell as promised these are the screenshots of the object. I have no idea what it is. My only guess is a plane flamed and went down, and it's smoke stayed flying? The images are straight from wwiionline folder except I opened in photoplus to change the format to jpg. I altered the brightness on SSHOT 64 to see if there was a solid object in it. Then I used SSHOT 64 again from original to alter it to negative trying to see what was in the cloud. I thought maybe a plane and had a vid glitch, but can't find anything there. Never saw this before and only the one time.Maybe somone else saw it or has seen it before.."

Danlo´s view on 1.27 Open Beta

(May 16th - 3rd Panzergruppe)
(OKH) Kommandeur Danlo, 3rd Panzergruppe, OIC4 1. Kampfgruppe, 2. Panzerdivision, gives his view on the Beta: " The Mortars are pretty cool. Simple to use, go prone. deploy it, left to right adjustments are just like aiming your rifle(move the mouse) range is Page up/Page down in Increments of 25m, fire like a normal Inf weapon. Mortar HE and bombs are working properly as far as kill radius is concerned. And they have a new graphic which is much cooler looking aswell. I have yet to try ATG or Tank HE yet, will post something once I do.

I hopped in a 109g and it seemed nice, but when I got to target if I got within 2k of town my FPS dropped to 1-2 and after skirting around this "barrier" for several minutes I CTD'd. So I'll let you Flyboys get in there and make your own assesments. I have yet to try out a supply truck, but it appears they are the same as a regular Opel. By that I mean theres not a seperate unit in the spawnlist for it. Just Opel, 251 and HT. Perhaps theres a key to hit just as you would to deploy a MS, except this is an Ammo point? Will look further into later.

1 issue thats sticking out so far is that it appears you die instantly with no audio, just black screen. There were several guys reporting this as a bug thinking they just randomly died but I think its tied to the shrapnel effect HE now has."

At the same time, Xanthus have published the first Mortar guide


(July 15th - Oberkommando Das Heer)

(OKH) Lince, CO Das Heer, announced: " During the Battle of Nandrin, the 13th of July, this player killed over 10 Enemy tanks ( Char, Somua, Pan ) and ATG breaking the enemy attempt to save their brigade.The Merit Star is Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA. Please join me in congratulating this fine player:"

Merit Star Award


Merit Star Award
Snowdog - 17.1 CO Mglass - 33.1 XO Toro15 - 16 ID XO Zorro15 - 16.2 CO Olavv - 1 PD XO Jppower - 1.2 oic 5 Supremoo - 33 1 FJ oic 4. With their great action they assured a great defense in Liege, the Capture of Nandrin, the routing of a french brigade in Ramet and the liberation of Bastogne. Also a big thanx to the Axis squads like 250H, 15 DAK, Wolfsrudel, Kgw and 16 ID for their contribution. Join me in congratulating these fine officers and squads."

Merit Star Award
To Ilgaz. During the 30 minute attack at Helchteren this brave soldaten towed 10+ guns to strategical positions around town. The town was got in overpop time for allieds in half an hour. Later he towed back to town every and single gun around. He also helped to stop the resupply et column coming to town by towing ATGs while in enemy fire.Ilgaz gained the Merit Star award for his actions and bravery showed today.The Merit Star is Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from guarding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.

Iron Cross 3rd Class
Potthead - 1.2 COSparky78 - 33 ID XO

Iron Cross 3rd Class
For his presence in the community, his hard work, his dedication and effectiveness to the game, and his positive impact on the players and officers, it is an honor to award :Westwild - 16 ID Kg1 COwith the Iron Cross 3rd Class


Five´s maps are back

Five: " Hey everybody, Salutes!Fives maps is back online. Just click on the link below my sig.I lost the free webspace I had for the last two years and have moved it back to the webspace I get with my ISP account.Unfortunately I only get 20megs with my account so I can't put everything up.Untill I decide on what to do, this temporary site will at least make some of the maps available to you.As always, I keep everything up to date for the current version we are playing.Hope you find them useful."

Five´s maps
Playskewl thread

KFS1 on Mortars

KFS1, Coder from CRS: " Don't believe the hype. You're going to be dissapointed when you get your hands on your first mortar in game. You'll spawn in, spend a half hour, maybe an hour, finally getting a position with one of the few mortarmen that hasn't already been used ... you'll deploy it, you'll start firing at your target, you'll finally get the range about right, and then you'll realize you ran out of mortar rounds and now you're firing smoke - might as well RTB.

Mortars are gonna suck.

Mortars + Resupply are gonna freaking rock!
Mortars aren't rambo weapons. Mortars are going to totally pwn for people who can put together a mortar firing team.
truck + mortar is a big improvement, you can lay down as many ranging shots as you need, etc. trucks are very vulnerable to return mortar fire tho.
truck + mortars = ability for one to lay down covering smoke while other positions, as well as ability to lay down enough supression fire to keep the enemy from easily returning fire... however with two of you having to return to the truck for supply, its position may be more easily given away.
truck + rifleman + mortars = all of the above but you can have your rifleman running ammo cans out to them *and* because we're using STOs for mortars, everyone sees the same thing: you don't have to fire your mortar from top of a berm, you can fire them indirect and get a friend to spot for you! The rifleman lets you hide your truck without giving away its position when you fire.
The short range, 500m, means that mortars aren't going to turn the game upside down and inside out in 15 seconds - but they're definitely going to bring changes to gameplay with them.


From the past

Axis News dug out an old story from the disbanded squad Kampfgruppe Meyer Hoffbrau.

Tollwut tells the story (un-edited): " Shamus ,Ibra, Bark , and I took some 232s from Binche to Maub , first I think Shamus ctd then I rolled one, barks laptop locked up on him he this time shamus had got another 1 , so did I, then bark got back we moved up to the af , me and ibra ne bark and shamus Nw. we were hurting some planes when shamus's gunner died so he started playing bumper cars. I think shamus got killed by ai , then a s35 came out Ibra and I boked some butt from Ne side , think bark got it by then , then Ibra, I was running from the af and rolled it completely over, landing on my wheels , man what luck.
I then headed back to binches and was almost there when an Alllied tree tripped me and I rolled over on the side.But when I despawned I had 1 kill 7 damaged and a mission success."

And one from vHessen:
They just don't know when to quit! When I first logged on tonight, I cranked up the trusty ole 38t in the Signy E AB and set off to the NE toward Liart. Taveling about 500m E of the N/S road to Liart, I stopped about 250m NE of the first turn and took up an ambush position. About 10 minutes later, a lone S35 came bumbling down the road on it's way to Signy. I waited until he turned S and then low and behold, he stopped. Okay, I figured he was checking the road or waitng for another ET so I held my fire. 5 minutes later, he was still sitting there so I gave him 3 AP. He immediately smoked and despawned.

About that time, fattyj reported ET's N NW of Signy so I turned back to the SE and proceeded to a position about 800m NW of Signy where I could watch the road. Sure enough a Char, S35 and R35 were about 200m N and 50m W of the N road out of town. I watched to make sure they hadn't noticed my approach, checked the road to my 9oc and slammed the 38t in gear. Once I was about 200m directly N of them I turned S, put the 38t in 2nd gear and opened the throttle. Closing to within about 50m of the Char, I put2 AP in the rear turret hatch and 1 in the radiator as I passed to his left side. Then, I rotated the turret to my 1oc and fired on the R35 missing on the first shot but placing the next 2 sqaurely in the back of his turret from about 30m. He spun hard left and the 4th round smoked the engine.

Passing him, I next engaged the S35 which by now was looking; only problem was, he was looking W. I popped back to the driver position and corrected my course to pass him on his left side and returned to the gun. At about 20m, I gave him 1 shot to the turret and 1 to his engine upon which he despawned. Wheeew! I'm thinking myself, now THAT was fun! Three ET's dispatched in about 35 seconds only now, I begin to take hits.

I cut between two trees and pointed the tank at the AB about 250m away. Going back to the gun, I rotated the turret to see yet another S35 barreling down on my 6oc. Well, he was definately not very good at firing on the move so I returned fire, and missed! I was beginning to get concerned when as luck would have it, I hit a bump or something about the time I fired the 2nd round and hit his left track! He spun wildly to my right so I immediately jammed on the brakes, went back to my gun and gave him 2 well placed shots. I guess he had suffered enough because he despawned.

I rolled back into the Signy W AB and despawned. It was kinda funny because there were 4-5 Grens just standing at the N AB gate in the wide open where I guess they had been watching the whole time! One guy said "vHessen, don't retreat!" LOL! I almost fell outa my chair! On despawn I got credit for 5 kills; 1 Char, 3 S35's, 1 R35 and a well earned mission success. WOOT!

Gentlemen, this is a true story and a testiment to the effectiveness of speed, maneuver, cunning, stubornness and a good measure of old fashioned luck. I rarely see panzers firing on the move, but I am here to tell you that it can be done and with a little practice, done with devistating effect! It's not something however, that I would recommend outside of 100m. You'ld better have nerves of steel and tungsten balls before you try this but if you want a pure adrenalin rush, there aint nothing in the game that even comes close; IMHO.

Newsreel: St. Truiden


Promotions Apr 28th to June 23rd

June 23rd
CO Rg53
XO Drkmouse
XXO Leaderon
CO Alpnkorp
XO Topd
KG1 CO Kmarkl
XXO Peepers
OIC: 4 Drill
OIC: 5 Navysway
KG2 CO Mikov503
XXO Noda503
OIC: 4 Yorksarg
OIC: 5 Egbert
17.ID CO Harrisc1
XO Gandof
XXO Hierbart
KG1 CO Snowdog
XO Kreatchk
KG2 CO Fiambre
XXO Victarus
OIC: 4 Grimklin
OIC: 5 Eic3335
June 10th
Central High Command
XL2DYLAR, Oberbefehlshaber der Achsenmächte, Commander in Chief
GASPIPE, 1a Im Fuhrungstab der Achsenmächte, Chief of Staff
JAMMYMAN, 1c Im Fuhrungsstab der Achsenmächte, Deputy Chief of Staff
Country Command
KEIRON, Oberbefehlshaber des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, Commander
TUCK, Chef des Oberkommandos der Wehrmacht, Chief of Staff
Armee Branch
Command LINCE, Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres, Commander
HONDO17, Generalstabchef des Heeres, Chief of Staff
Luftwaffe Branch Command
TEGRON, Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe, Commander
KBEES, Chef des Generalstabs der Luftwaffe, Chief of Staff
Kriegsmarine Branch Command
EYESHANK, Oberbefehlshaber der Kriegsmarine, Commander
TLWD, Chef des Stabes der Seekriegsleitung, Chief of Staff

(Screenshot by new CinC Xl2Dylar)


May 11th
Mwhitman OIC4 of 2.AGd 6.ZF
Apr 29th
Dasspiel promoted from 4.1 CO to 4th pd XXO
Badmans promoted from 4.1 XO to 4.1 CO
Wil285 promoted from 4.1 XXO to 4.1 XO
Manfred1 promoted to 4.1 XO from 4.1 OIC4
Tactrc promoted to 4.1 OIC4 from 4.1 OIC10
Schweijk promoted to 4.2 XXO from 4.2 OIC4
Grandien promoted to 4.2 OIC 4 from 4.2 OIC5

Apr 28th
Olavv promoted to 1pd XO
Kitty420 returning to 1pd XXO
Machonny promoted to 1.3 CO
Valknut promoted to 27.2 XO
Mavirik promoted to 27.1 XO
Jim4581 promoted to 1.3 XXO

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Merit Star awarded

(July 8th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Lince: " Please join me in congratulating these fine players for the :MERIT STAR AWARD ASSIGNED TO ScizzorRote3During the Battle of Huy they controlled the bridge no letting anything pass, until the LW destroyed the enemy. The Merit Star is Awarded to an officer or player that has shown meritorious service to the Axis Side. This can be from guarding a bunker, running supply, ht/opel driver ... This award is highly regarded and the recipient of this is held in the highest respect by OKA.from Fel0 27 ID XXO."

Assassin Contest

After the events of the last campaign heated the Allies emerged victorious. At the end of the map the German High Commander Xl2dylar was captured and taken before Ballew, Allied CinC, to surrender the Axis forces. What Ballew did not know is that an elite Axis Division was dispatched to rescue Xl2Dylar and kill Ballew. As Xl2dylar was just about to surrender the Axis forces to the Allied side, an Opel crashed into the AB and a fire fight ensued. Xl2Dylar made it to his German troops, armed himself, and took aim at Ballew who at this time had also taken aim at Xl2dylar. Both fired at the same time and both Commanders fell to the ground. As their troops went to each of there CinC's rescue, Xl2dylar’s troops managed to start their Opel and flee the area back to Axis controlled towns. Both commanders awoke and found that each of them had just been wounded by the other but still were quite furious and drew up a list of names and handed it out to their troops. The list was an assassin’s list; a grouping of High Commanders on each side that would have to be killed.Closest player that achieves the below objectives wins 6 months for free care of the CinC’s.

Allied Players Assassin list
CinC Xl2dylar
CoS Gaspipe
DCoS Jammyman

Axis Players Assassin list
CinC Ballew
CoS Barely8
DCoS Miestrox

Same rules for kill the CinC Kill contest stand, you kill them but they get you then you’re even.

Listen to OldZeke

Featured in many WillyTee cartoon´s, Oldzeke have his own website with songs.

Oldzeke: " I'll never get rich singin' nor even get enough for a meal but I aint shy about tryin If you realy do want to torment your hearing more though....
It's all me. Some are dift cuts of the same and even the orginal files I sent. Willy for this gig, Phillipville and my 1st WillyTee (The Con Song. All are all me, guitar, banjo, vocal, except phillipville which used a mp3 Willy sent me. I just added vocal and guitar to it. The majority are songs done by request for dift projects, or just because like I wuz camped"

WillyTee´s latest Cartoon

Newsreel: One mission in Huy

Newsreel: AAA at Huy-Andenne FB



Got a smoke?

1. Locate enemy tank.
2. Stand up to look at enemy tank.
3. Wonder why you didn't die.
4. Switch to binos to see where tank is looking.
5. Congratulate yourself that he cant see you because he's not looking right at you.
6. Take a step forward so that bush doesn't keep getting in your way and stopping you seeing if he is going to look your way.
7. See his turret coming round to you.
8. Wait, because he might stop to shoot at those other guys currently prone, behind a berm, behind some bushes.
9. Pat yourself on the back for waiting, because the turret is still coming round.
10. Switch back to rifle.
11. Oh, and go prone.
12. Oh, and crawl backwards a bit into the bush.
13. Note that it didn't seem so far away when you were standing up.
14. Continue crawling backwards because the tank is firing at you now. How did he see you?
15. Bring up the map.
16. Note that there are some friendlies moving towards you.
17. Look along the bushline and spot the enemies. Do they know that the tank you haven't yet marked is there? Maybe not. He might see them!
18. Throw a smoke grenade into the bushline infront of them.
19. Now that smoke is up, run towards it so that the enemy tank can't see you while you warn those guys in area chat about the risk.

Taken from KFS1´s post on the subject in Playskewls

Captured Film from the Southern Front



Valknut´s Guard duty contest

(July 4th - Playskewls)
(OKW) Valknut, 1775th, announced: " Here is a little something you can color, to keep you amused, while defending a bunker or CP. Feel free to try out your own color scheme if you would like. Paste your results here. The best color guard at the end of the campaign will win a prize!"

Playskewls - The Comic #2

Playskewls - The Comic #1



(July 3rd - Playskewls)
(PR) What started as a harmless Playskewls thread by Alpnkorp: " ...could someone post how many tanks the allieds get per AB plz?" called the attention of Drucius, self-proclaimed Allied forum guard (Not Allieds).

Drucius: There is no such word as Allieds.
Tiger16: Sure there is, Isee it all the time in these forums
Murf64: No such word as Allieds???Well...that shoots down the sequel of Aliens being called Alienses.
Drucius: Ah but people who use non-existent words are de facto idiots, ergo it cannot be a flame to correctly identify them as such. QED.
Schultz: This would be false too. There are many reasons to use words that are not grammatically correct. In point of fact, the fact that you label it a word at all means it does exist
Drucius: Oh poor. It's labelled as a "non-existent word" not "a word". And one of the reasons people use incorrect grammar is that they are indeed idiots. Therefore it can only be correct to identify these people as such.Ta-dah!


From the Frontlines

(July 2nd - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) A new approach. Feldwebel Svedala will report from the frontlines in almost real-time when he is there. Articles from the same day will be updated as he succedes in his mission.

Feldwebel Svedala deploys to Grevenmacher in respons to Allied aggression in the area. He kills a french officer and the EWS goes off. Fiambre and Maqan takes the forward base and secures the town. At the same time Pgmark takes the Tienen-St.Truiden FB. Svedala deploys to the Remich-Luxembourg FB along with several Luftwaffe´s pilots Solamon, K3p3r and Rommsey and infantry from Das Heer like Beckgol and Parasit to bring it back to the Axis.

The war continues 24/7, be sure to logg in an participate!


The Fight for Orval

(July 1st - Oberkommando der Wehrmacht)
(OKW) The town of Orval have been one of the prime targets for the Allies war effort to take Luxembourg. Yesterday Das Heer supported by Luftwaffe managed to re-capture it and Allies started a counter-attack within minutes. Today it continued with capture, loss, followed by a ne attack to get back the town. Countless Stukas, Bf 110c, infantry and panzer have been lost over the town that must be held in order to secure the southern flank and the Capitol of Luxembourg.

Attending counter-attack at Longwyn

AHC tried to take pressure of their Orval defense by attacking Longwyn and Longyoun to no avail. 6. Armee works hard to keep the forward bases and patrol areas where the Allies try a build-up of forces.

The Battle of Orval have raged for days

#8 takes a couple of bullets when Svedala leaves the Bunker

War Correspondent Svedala managed to sneak into the french held Armybase in Orval and damage 3 anti-aircraft batteries. Suffering heavy fire he took refuge in their Bunker and continued the fight by taking out 8 french soldiers trying to smoke him out.

Axis gains

(OKW) 1. Panzerdivision pushed for and captured St. Truiden with the the help of Luftwaffe who managed to gain and hold total air superioroity. Then 6. Armee continued to advance, probing Schilde, taking Haamsteed and a great capture of the town Diest.

Diest contested

Holding the last depot before town is Axis

Stuka clearing the skies over St. Truiden and keeping the west FB busy after capture

Twitter / corneredrats

After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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