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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.


Allies holds the factories

(October 31st - From the Front)
(FTF) On the second day of war it is clear that the Axis are in an akward position, without factories and cut in half with their main forces they are fighting for their lives. Wehrmacht decided to go for the Zeelands in the beginning of the campaign and beat their heads against the wall of Antwerp while the Allies encircled Luxembourg and took more and more links in the center and then managed to advance on all fronts bout the north. The Axis lost the map in 16 hours in what could be called a bold move but in retrospect a huge failure. OKW explains it with the fact that they have alot of new officers, the whole CinC staff was fired recently by CRS and more then a few left to joined the Allied side due to different reasons. On the second day of the campaign the war continues but the Axis are to divided to pose a serious threat to the Allies. One thing is sure thou, the Allies have yet to make a mistake this campaign and the Axis alot of thinking to do.
The Playskewls experience an over-pop of disgruntled Axis players as well as some Allieds who aren't happy with the current situation. But Cornered Rat Latham thinks differently as he posted in Playskewls: " The game and the HC's aren't in bad shape. Sometimes one side wins faster than the other. In this case you can see the evolution of the game first hand. The faster play, more intense play is the road it has taken.Regardless of win or lose, it was fun. Once the map gets reset the same kills and flag captures will happen with skill. It's fun just to play. No one likes to lose, and losing faster than normal isn't fun but the time spent in giving it a go was. Once the map is reset the same crowd regardless of side will give it a go again.So, no nothing is in bad shape, just evolved into quicker play. Have Fun!"

BEGM map videos for Campaign 48

Sjkeegs: " I was originally going to wait until I had captured the whole of campaign 48 until releasing a new map video, but since the first day was fairly dramatic here is the video of the first day. I had small data collection glitch at around 3AM in the morning (EST) cutting out about 3 hours of data. I'll post any updated videos in subsequent posts here."


Campaign 48 started

(October 29th - From the Front)
(BE) Campaign 48 have started and the first clashes with 6 attack objectives across the front have stood between Wehrmacht and the french forces and the focus have been in and around Luxemburg with 2. Kampfgruppe, 4. Panzerdivision as the defenders whom liberated the city three times within the two first hours against the french forces who enjoyed an initial 4 links and 3 potential spawnables and deployed the 12 Division d'Infanterie Motorisée and 5emé Division Nord-Africaine against them. At the same time The 5emé Division Nord-Africaine quickly charged up and took Grevenmacher (their 5th link) thru Saarburg with the 6e Régiment de Tirailleurs Marocains and continued the attack on Trier as of the time this was written.

The Battle of Luxemburg has begun

The British Expeditionary Forces have yet to see any real action but their 2nd Infantry Division have launched an attack on Aarschot. 1. Panzerdivision launched an assault on the french held town of Kalmthout versus the 1er Régiment, 1re Division d'Infanterie and at the time of this beeing printed the french Commander issued an Hold at all cost order. The major naval battles stood at Kamperland and Zandvliet.

Qualified to be an Ace

Kilowolf, wondered about the criteria for calling yourself an Ace: " The 5 kill ace system doesnt really apply in this game since you can fly 1,000 missions, die every time you take off and still manage 5 a2a kills somewhere inthere. The 5 a2a kills in one mission is definitely harder, specially if you have to add an RTB to that mission but still not THAT rare. How does one qualify as an ACE in this game? And a second question, who would you say is the TOP ACE? When i started playing this game it was Bushman hands down IMO(or at least the only REALLY good fighter i knew off), but i think he stopped playing after the second year or maybe even earlier. Looked at this campaign and saw this guy! (Your sick dude! you are either a huge cheater or were born in the wrong time period)
Maj Quintisv - DE Air Force Sorites146 - Kills277 - Deaths7 K/D39.57 RTB122 -TOM4,349
Is there someone who is always #1 on the list like Quintisv is this campaign? Just want to know who to gun for.

Cornered Rat Doc give his 5 cents: " I would define it as 5 fighter kills in a single hop (no rearm) and RTB alive without losing the plane. Being an ace isn't supposed to be incredibly difficult, it's just not supposed to be easy. There were tons of pilots who got 5 kills in their wartime careers. I think this definition (in game terms) represents about the same level of difficulty, and retains the easily recognized 5 kills criteria."

Read the thread over at The Hangar.

Campaign 47 BEGM videomap

Sjkeegs: " I started recording data from the BEGM wallpaper maps, and pulling it together to make movies of the map progress as the Campaigns progressed. I started recording data on the 10th of October - in dribs and drabs. There are a bunch of gaps, and other stuff that I was trying to figure out as I went. I ended up collecting around 2300 pictures collected every 5 minutes (generally) between the 10th and the end of Campaign 47."

Campaign 47: Also here is one that I collected today (1 minute intervals at xiper's request) showing the kills made during the day. Kills Map from Today .


Allied forces Victorious

(October 27th - From the Front)
(BE) It is now official that when Allied forces captured Aachen, Victory was declared and Campaign 47 the second victory in a row for the Allies. Campaign 48 starts this wednesday 29th after intermission. Read a longer article here.
World at war Gazette Allied Discussion Playskewl thread

Defending with a rifle

(October 25th - Combat Stats & Records)
(AHC) Lieutenant Hughie, French Army, reported " I've begun to appreciate the MAS, it is more stable when aimed, unlike the Enfield which sways too much for my liking. Both pack a punch though. This sorties was in defence of Netersheim. When I arrived on the scene it was confusing and frightening, with enemy armour approaching fast and their troops approaching from the north east. I managed to hit a couple of them at some range, and was then directed by my squadmates to two riflemen near my location. I came upon two soldiers in a wooded area firing sporadically on French troops on the town about 300 metres away. I dispached them easily; they were so intent upon their quarry they didn't hear me approach. When I checked them, one was a private, the other a recruit. They had done well to find a good location, but I had prevented them from causing any harm. I swung back to my previous location and killed two more troops, including a sniper, who had inflitrated deeper towards Nettersheim, before returning to the safety of my barracks."

Started Oct 24, 2008 in a French Rifleman from Nettersheim. Ended with 6 kills and 0 captures
AAR Sortie


The Battle of Remagen

(October 25th - Oberkommando das Wehrmacht)
(OKW) Unkel and Remagen, the twin towns in Germany found itself under attack from french forces who continued the advance deep into Germany today. The fight for Remagen raged for most of saturday and it was during nightfall in the 8th hour that the french forces gained the southeast depot and slowly, thanks to massive tank support pressed on within the city limits.

Major Svedala parachuts a Flak36 in a last
desperate attempt to clear the Armybase

Osasto Lagus were quick to setup a airservice to get a continues drop of Fallschirmsjägers on the south side in order to thin out the french armour columns but soon the Armybase was camped by the tanks. Several M10 Wolverines held the area as of the time of this is written.

Remagen AB camped by french tanks


On the road to a Blockbuster

(October 24th - From the Front)
(FTF) There are several ways to promote Battleground Europe and your video creations. The easiest is Youtube, now known to the common man and used by everyone with a computer. Althou there are alot of Battleground Europe videos since 2006 it can be tough to get thru to the casual viewer competing with tv-series, WoW, AoC, CoD and lots of other stuff. There are users who just add videos they didn't create on their own and their ratings go thru the roof, look at cartoons such as Family guy and South park. It is therefore fun when Battleground Europe Directors such as Katonka enjoys a 30000 view over a weekend thanks to the Chinese market and such a video like Svedala's Relax made it to the #31 most linked on youtube on the day of release. Today Svedala ranked #46 on the most viewed Directors in Sweden, which is a good ranking considering the nische Battleground Europe is. Hopefully it brings in more players and spreads the word. Svedala is still waiting to recieve the buzzard camera so he can make even better videos. One day mabye.

There are more ways to get an audience for your videos. WorldTV offers a free service to put up your own channel with videos, uploaded directly to them or linked to youtube. Since the start, SEV TV have added 67 videos, mostly from Battleground Europe and all made by Svedala. The Internet TV channel have viewers from all over the world such as the United States, Sweden, Italy, United Kingdom, Egypt, Pakistan, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Thailand, Morocco, Ecuador, Iran, Australia and Chile. With 1173 viewers the World TV channel now ranks #1 in Sweden on World TV.
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#31 most linked - Gaming
#27 - Most Responded (This Week) - Sweden
#3 - Most Responded (This Week) - Gaming - Sweden
#52 - Most Responded (This Month) - Sweden
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#13 - Most Responded (All Time) - Gaming - Sweden

All videos by Svedala are shoot on the live server (except "Ambush") so they are made under fire with fear of death :) Think about that the next time you watch one. On another note they are captured with fraps, edited in Magix Movie Edit Pro with screenshots worked over in Photofilter and Photostory 3. If you can get that package you will have a good start, althou Vegas is a better video editing program. It also helps if you have several accounts or 3 like Svedala to get different angels etc.

Allied forces at Kerpen

(October 24th - From the Front - Svedala)
(FTF) Yesterday, the Allied forces experienced pressure while loosing the towns of Metzervisse and Metz but regained confidence and strenght to push on and managed to punch a hole in the german line all the way up to Kerpen, dividing the 6. and 12. Armee and the whole Wehrmacht line of defence in chaos.

French and british forces managed to encircle and trap the whole 2. Panzerdivision in Schleiden with a complete cut off of Wehrmacht supplies. The three Kampfgruppes stood no chance defending their ground and tons of panzers, paks and flaks tried to breakout of their vehicle spawn but the whole Division was soon disbanded after a desperate last stand in the Armybase. British troops continued the fight along the Kerpen route and assaulted Bergheim sending in a tank coulmn on the south approach but was halted just hundred meters from the prize as flaks, panzers and half-tracks was lined up to take the armoured blow.


A sphere of 250 kg death kills 16

Leutnant Svenhoek and Unterleutnant Hundsvot left the Theux Airfield Oct 19 13:29 to provide CAS on the french held town of Manhay. Leutnant Svenhoek, Luftwaffe reports: " Bombing is fun-fun-fun! But the most irritating thing is that when the clever AA-gunner has placed his gun inside a fuel tank bunker he is almost invulnerable.
This is because ww2online does not create true three dimensional shockwaves. It sure is a sphere, but if there is something between you and the explosion, you are safe. The blastwave cannot travel around objects which sucks. It gives unrealistic safe havens for unskilled players and that is not good. When I deliver a 250kg explosive to an armybase there is no way anyone within a 50 meter radius could survive unharmed. Not even in armored vehicles, the pressure difference is so big that it will cause serious damage to any soldiers body.

Started Oct 19, 2008 in a Bf110C4/B from Verviers. Ended with 16 kills (13 AA guns, 2 ATG and one Panhard)
AAR Sortie


Ceska claimed his 100 000th kill

Oberstleutnant Ceska, Wehrmacht, reported: " Now its offical!! 100 000 Axis side kills is reality!!! I started my infantry career with rifle and now 100 000th kill with my trusty K98!! The lucky 100 000th was: Lt Blfalcon / FR Army / Sniper"

Barracks Journal

Rifleman claims 33 kills at Andenne

(October 18th - Oberkommando das Heer)
(OKH) Oberstleutnant Berzerkr left the depot of Huy in Andenne at 22:25 on october the 3rd in order to liberate the town from the british forces. During the one hour long sortie, the rifleman managed to capture the Mayors house (city flag) and also kill 32 enemy infantry and destroy one Mle 38. Amongst the dead were two british high commanders, one with the rank of Brigadier General. After the sortie the Oberstleutnant returned to base.

Two weeks later, Oberstleutnant Berzerkr could account for 934 confirmed kills, 1187 damages and a k/d of 2.52. He has been recognized by the enemy as in this thread and ranked #2 rifleman in the last campaign. The veteran soldats record shows 560 sorties for Das Heer placing him as follows:
Ranked #3 on the "Top Riflemen" list. (Last Ranking: 3)
Ranked #6 on the "Top Killers" list. (Last Ranking: 6)
Ranked #38 on the "Top Kills in a Sortie" list. (Last Ranking: 38)
Ranked #40 on the "Top Kill Streaks" list. (Last Ranking: 41)
Ranked #41 on the "Top AT Guns" list. (Last Ranking: 41)
Ranked #47 on the "Top Sorties" list. (Last Ranking: 47)
Ranked #65 on the "Top RTB's" list. (Last Ranking: 65)
Ranked #140 on the "Top KD" list. (Last Ranking: 141)
Ranked #157 on the "Top TOM" list. (Last Ranking: 158)
Ranked #178 on the "Top Truckers" list. (Last Ranking: 178)
Ranked #267 on the "Top Cappers" list. (Last Ranking: 267)
Ranked #495 on the "Top Capture Streaks" list. (Last Ranking: 495)

Sortie Persona


Sturzkampfflieger raids british factories

(October 17th - Oberkommando die Luftwaffe)
(OKL) Sturzkampfflieger Tempest7 reported from his raid on the british factories: " 72% damage to british facility 3. 10% to british facility 2 (that wasn't the intended target someone didn't listen). Was great fun tho... gotta work on an organized egress people got caught up in their own dogfights and couldn't rely on the mutual protection from the other 110's and that caused heavy casualties. We did meet with heavy resistance tho so I am very impressed with how the guys on mission handled themselves all the way to target... Good Job guys we should do even better next time."

Picture by Sturzkampfflieger Tempest7

Hangar thread video Read the whole article here.


A bad day to cross a bridge

(Oct 14 - British Air Force)
(RAF) Lance Corporal Jougal reported: " I was lined up using the road into Remich for my 2nd sortie on the Remich Bridge and began my dive from 9k feet. Just after nosing over and getting a closer look at the target I spot a Panzer III turning onto the bridge. I could not believe my luck. Normally I drop both 500lbs bombs at the same time. This time I had to make an exception and dropped one at the end of the bridge and one in the middle. I hit the panzer and was over joyed as I pulled out of the dive for about 2.5 secs. At which time a single round from a AAA hit me in the head killing me instantly. I will never forget the feeling I had when I spotted the tank start to cross the bridge just as I started to dive. I only wish I had it on FRAPS. Semper Fi"
Started Oct 14, 2008 in a Hurricane MkIIc from Bertrix. Ended with 1 kill and 0 captures

AAR Sortie

The loss of a brother

It is with great sadness that I report the loss of one of our own; HC2

Army Sgt. William R. Howdeshell 37, of Norfolk, Va.; assigned to the 5th Squadron, 7th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Fort Stewart, Ga.; died July 26, 2007 in Saqlawiyah, Iraq, of wounds sustained when an improvised explosive device detonated near his vehicle.

While the events transpired at the end of July, we only found out through his wife yesterday after we tried to contact him through an old email address.

When you think of 'good guys', you think of Bill. He was a man of service and of honor - and for that, he commanded the respect of all who knew him.

!S HC, you will always be with us, one of us.


Thread in forums


Bazso's guides forum now open

Bazso have created a forum with with lots of resources for both the Axis and Allied frontline troops. You have guides for new players, ATR, grenadier, sapper, ATG and lots more on the way.
Bazso explains: " My guides forum site link, you all don't have to worry about registering at all its a open forums deal."

Bazso's Forum Axis discussion

The little Panzer that could

Kommandeur Drakhl reported: " During the axis attack on Paal, I rolled a Pz 3h from the FB straight into town (against all my instincts no less). I parked in between some buildings and proceeded to mow down infantry. I will now tell you the story of how my little panzer survived an unbelieveable amount of damage. While sitting in this spot, I had a sapper run up to me and place one satchel, which did no damage. I decided to relocate to a safer position near the AB. While sitting near the AB gate I began to take ATR plinks from the spawnable depot, which I counted to be no less than 15, possibly even 20. When the ATRs were frustrated by my MGs, they began to roll out 57mm ATGs, from which I took three shots to my frontal armour before killing them off with AP and MG. No damage. While sitting here, a 500lber bomb dropped right next to me, shaking me with concussion and hitting hard with shrapnel. I thought I was dead, and was happy to see that my little panzer had taken no damage whatsoever.

Once the depot was captured, I rolled out of the AB after a report of an S-35 nearby. I engaged the S-35 at point blank range, taking a total of three rounds to the front before I killed him. No damage. I then relocated to a hull down position behind a steep berm. As soon as I arrived a char b1 engaged me from point blank range, who had been hiding in a bush nearby. It took approximately 12 shots into my front for me to locate him, as it was so close the tracer did not render before the explosion hit my tank. I turned my turret and engaged him, firing about 8 AP until I killed him.
While I sat there I was mortared repeatedly, as well as ATRed some more. My commander now dead I was blind, and a sapper managed to get all four of his charges on me. He then shot about 2-3 clips of ammunition into me in frustration before a friendly infantry killed him. After being ATRed, ATGed, shot by two ETs, bombed, strafed and sapped, I RTBed at Paal for a total of 16 kills. Kills included 3 ATGs, 2 ETs and 11 EI. I am invincible!
Sortie Motor pool thread

Last stand at Remich

(October 12th - Axis Discussions)
(OKH) Unterfeldwebel Kenki reported from Remich: " I join up in the naval river town of Sierck-les-Bains to liberate the town of Remich from enemy hands. We arrive on the scene and other then the enemy finishing thier captures we find the city oddly quiet other then sparce engagements. I leave the opel driver wielding my light machine gun. Wile most of the main force attacked the south end I flanked from the north and gained three captures seeing the occational corpse of a british soldier. I head near the dock when anouther opel driver appears but when I join him as he heads to the city instead of the east armybase which was my intent. Mean while Prt. Supremus captures the dock which was critcal in the defence of the town, I advance tword the east army base. As I cross the bridge I encounter enemy sniper fire, rather countless times, non-of which hit me but it was very unnerving. I send out communications about the sniper and a friendly tank comes, but as I was on a time limit I had to cross anyway and continued to take sniper fire as I headed east, south of my final target."

Read more over at Nachrichten Blitz


New Svedala video - Ambush

This video was done as a test on the Training server with 3 accounts to there's no other players. The computer used is not top notch, just a dual-core with 1.8 Ghz processor with 4 GB ram and Nvida Geforce 9500 GT with 1 GB ram. So that's 3 accounts running at the same time and on top of the fraps which really sucks up processor time capturing 25 frames per second. Wehn on the live server the fps for each account vary between 10-25 in a moderatly poluated area in town.

Enjoy the result!


Thrown to the Wolves

(Oct 08, 2008 . Combat Stats & Records)
(AHC) Corporal Hither9 reported: " I was riding in a truck on the road to Hallschlag, daydreaming about my sweetheart back home, when BAM, all of the sudden, the Beddy blows a tire, and lands in the ditch sideways. I crawl out of the wreckage, miraculously unhurt, only to watch one of my mates get taken out by a german rifle right in front of my eyes. I was lucky enough to snap off a shot before Gerry could bring his rifle to bear on me. BANG, down goes the German rifleman.

I figure if there's one rifle around, there's probably more, so I break for the forest across the road. I sprint as fast as I can into the forest on the east side of the road. I threw myself down behind a bush as I spot a sniper moving towards my injured mates and the rolled truck. Somehow, he doesn't spot me, and as he's setting up in the bush I hid behind, I sneak up and BAM, square in the back, another German won't be fighting my mates and I anymore. I quickly regain my breath, and make another mad dash for a ditch ahead of me, hoping that my luck is better than Gerry's today.

It must be, as during my mad dash, I hear a LMG open up to my right, puffs of dust appear all around me, I look, and there in the middle of a clearing in the forest, is the LMG. I drop prone, take aim and fire. One shot, one kill. Made it into the ditch, where I rest up, adrenalin racing through me, unable to believe that I'm still in one peice. I poke my head over the edge of the ditch, and lo and behold, I see two germans sneaking along a distant ridgeline. I bring my trusty rifle to bear, and after trading shots with the two infantrymen, realize that I've bagged two more of Gerry's finest. I crawl towards the AB along the ditch, tracers from a MG tower zipping by just over my head. I make a break for a group of bushes, when BAM, I feel the most excruciating pain in my side. I realized that my luck had run out, but at least I had sent a handful of Gerrys best ahead of me to hell......"
Started Oct 08, 2008 in a British Rifleman from Hallschlag. Ended with 5 kills and 0 captures.
AAR Sortie

Depot campers, the goldfarmers of Battleground Europe

Every game has them, the players that for one reason or another doesn't want to be a part of providing a good gaming enviroment for everyone and some games doesn't have that many who wants to provide and play by a sort of conduct that gives all a good gaming experience, fortunatly Battleground Europe has alot of teamplayers and generally just nice persons. You've seen it before it's in almost every game, goldfarmers making money buy selling something valuable in the game your playing. They're hated, some might like them for not having to grind for months to get a certain item or they just sell you a top notch account so you don't have to go thru the noob stage. They do make those items they sell by grinding, annoying and showing a total lack of respect, you've problably experienced it in World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings online, Age of Conan and if you're fortunate not in Warhammer Online as they set out to destroy them, kudos to the developers!

Like the view? This can be yours for 50 sorties straight!

So what does goldfarming has to do with Battleground Europe? Well, nothing really, buying an account isn't really that interesting and you can't buy items or anything, it's a war, all you got is your skill and reputation, that's if you care about your missions and campaigns. What is the most annyoing thing in Battleground Europe? Apart from glitches, bugs the occasional cdt you might experience (might is the word here, not everyone suffers from it), I would have to go with depot campers, those who choose to remain inside a depot when it's captured and shoot everyone who spawns in. Mind that you are shot before beeing able to move or anything. Just because you can do it, you can choose not to. You don't have to follow a code of chivalry, just some common sense, if you can kill someone before they are able to move your just executing that players avatar and gaming experience. This should be a big no-no for the High Commands, un-fortunatly it's not.

So why bring up the subject? Well I was just pwnd twice
Sortie after a heroic coop capture of the spawnable in Diest. You go from heroic effort to beeing executed, you get somehwat pissed, and usually only goldfarmers get me pissed in MMO's. On the other hand I do not think it's wrong to kill vehicles in a firebase o armybase before they spawn in, that is the way you supress it, I would not go into the infantry spawn thou and if I am inside a barrack and they AB is lost, I leave it, even if I know it means certain death. Why, because you should always be able to spawn infantry, always have an option and also, infantry beeing the new players first option it is important that they get some good experience of the game and not just be experience points for som asshat who pads his statistics. Also if you let players spawn into a depot you will enjoy a good town fight with all the adrenaline rushes you need for a week to come. CRS currently have a poll when you logg into the gaming world, if you want depot campaing to go so vote yes for that and a better gaming experience.


Where's the Firebase?

First to comment with the right answer recieves eternal glory!


Drop over Longwy and Virton FB

(October 7th - Combat Stats & Records)
(BEF) 2nd Lieutenant Sport20 reported: " As I sat in my seat on the C47, I couldn?t help but think about home. My mind drifted away from the mission and to my favorite pub back in Surrey. I could nearly taste the delicious cold ale on my lips when my thoughts were snapped back into focus as the jump leader, Shad0w64, had us stand up. We called out our equipment checks and latched our static cables to the wire humming over our heads. The plane shuddered as the door was flung open revealing nothing but darkness, propwash filling the cabin. Our pilot, Bartsass, expertly lined up on our final course, adjusting the throttles to idle to make our approach as silent as possible.

The DZ approached and I stepped towards the door, peering out at the faint lights of Virton in the distance to the south. As the platoon?s sniper, I was first out, to set up an covering position west of the infantry camp at the enemy forward base, which had been established between Virton and Longwy along the allied front. My parachute opened with a reassuring jolt, and I took account of my surroundings. A flak battery opened up below as the rest of the squad exited the aircraft, bright orange tracers drawing a line across the night sky. I was relieved to see each one of them with a good chute."

Read the AAR at Combat Stats & Records here. Read the whole article here.

Matty killed 112 targets

2nd Lieutenant Oj, British Army, reported from his visit at the Allied side: " 112 kills ....lmao. Thank you greatone that matty I stole was put to good useNow, I'm not one to argue about equipment imbalance and I'm a firm believer he who has the numbers wins, but seriously tier0 is in no way favorable to the axis lolBeing the first player in the game to reach 10k kills with an afv, I can certainly tell when things arent even in the armor category. You can have all the 88's and stukas you want because with one matty i'll wipe your list personaly "
The sorties was cut short by Major Dasspeil (DE/AR) who deployed a Flak 36 and delt Oj critical damage.

Origin CP: Ciney Origin Fac: Ciney-Rochefort FB
Mission: Point Defense Unit: Matilda MkII
Started: Oct 05 23:06 Stopped: Oct 06 00:48 Kills: 112 TOM: 102 min
Success: No Crit. Dam.: Yes Result: Missing in Action

Sortie Playskewl thread


Doc on vehicle numbers

(October 6th - The Motor Motorpool)
(CRS) Jester6, Trainer brought up the concentration of Chars in some attacks: " Just a friendly suggestion that CRS please look at the spawnlist numbers for Armoured brigades next map around. No whine, nothing, but a picture from in-game.Marche, 6 Chars circled in red. 2 more offscreen to the left. I managed to do some serious damage with my StuG: spawn, kill everything til no ammo despawn style; but eventually i died."

Cornered Rat Doc: " It's probably wise to remember this is localized, where before you had 30 something tanks in all 3 brigades under a division, now you have all your armour in 1 brigade out of every 3, and it's not as many tanks as you used to have in all your brigades combined.

Yes, where that one armoured brigade is operating will be a lot of tanks, concetrated. That was what was expected with an armoured brigade. Instead of 90 something tanks in 3 brigades, you now have about half that much in one brigade plus the handful i n the infantry brigades as armoured support. Infantry brigades have something like 5-7 tanks (not counting armoured cars and Vickers which act as armoured cars) but really, you have less tanks in game now than ever before. Tankers need something to play with you know.

We could go back to armour/infantry brigades being non-differentiated, but it is what the players wanted us to do for a long time. We can't reduce tanks further because then tankers wouldn't have anything to play with, some would claim they struggle already.

Because all your armour is basically stacked into a single armoured brigade, you're going to see a large number of tanks where armoured brigades are. We told you this when you asked for armoured brigades and infantry bridages. Heavy armour concentrations here, where the armoured brigade is, not much armour at all over there, where the infantry brigades are.

Read the thread over at the Motor Pool here.

Dambuster reports on RDP mission

Sniper62, 617. Dambusters reports: " Well for myself anyway. After flying two bombers to the factories and getting intercepted by two 110s and some how getting away, i decided to take up a fighter as my own escort.

While on the way to tgt i could see interceptors lifting. flying W to meet up with the first bomber, i fly right over the bomber and see another con flying E. so i intercept it and its a 110 flying E about to dive on the bomber. he pushed down on the stick and i roll and pull around as hes starting to diving down. so i switch to the bomber and start to weave and once i get it to roll back i can see tracers wizing by and can hear plinks on my DB7. well anyway that gave my fighter just enough because the 110 had to go up then back around. by that time i was on the 110s 6 starting to fire, and then 110 got a few more plinks into the DB7. the 110 started smoking all different colors. then some how i got his pilot and he went into dead stick diving down. w00t the bomber is still up and flying. its slowed down but still flyable, i waited to long to switch back and missed the drop on tgt. so i kept it on autopilot and kept it flying E.

The second bomber was a few mins out now so i turned around and met up with that bomber. it got to tgt and droped just fine no defenders showed up, so i turned it back W and took the fighter E to meet up with the other bomber. once the bomber got turned around it was flying at 260kph and i got it lined up and was about 15k from tgt. i meet up with it and are acouple KM over it. i switch back and get in the bombers seat, can see the tgt through the bomb site. zoom back to make sure my speed and site alignment, and see tracers coming straight at me. all i could think was "dang, almost made it" then the bombardier gets hit in the legs it goes black but hes not dead. sweeet look through the bomb site and shes shaking all over but i was able to drop all 8 in the box.

So i switch back to the fighter and look down and the 110 has turned around and is coming up on the Db7s 6 so i dive down and put some tracers past the 110 and he rolls over and dives out. we get to MG and another 110 come zooming by, so i go up and he turns around and i get on his six. i shoo him away with some BBs and he rolls out and dives. just to try and climb back up a minute later. so again i go up and roll back around and start diving on him, i decide to fraps it and when i hit my fraps button the game freezes.........uh oh after 10 secs it comes back and i look around for the 110 and i guess i zoomed past him. i roll over top of him and get on his six as he trys to roll and put some BBs into him. he rolls out and dives just as i see tracers fly past me and hear plink plink. i look back and a 110 is over shooting. that 110 starts to fly out E and the other 110 is low, so i turn back around and get on the 110s 6 but when im starting to catch him the second 110 shows up on my six. so i roll back around and make a pass on the 110 behind me, putting afew BBs into his right wing. he rolls out once again and i decide to bug out as the bombers are safe and im down to 175 MGs left. ive had enough distance on them to stay out of guns range untill i hit around hasselt. i look back and can only see one 110 so i turn around and see if i can take him down with 175 BBs. i get on his six start liting him up but no cigar so i roll off and see a the second 110 coming at me. do a little roll and he goes zooming by. so i dive out and hit the deck, we made it to about 25km from buss when the second 110 gets in guns range and im seeing tracers fly past me. so from there on out im jinking and jiving past trees and hills, and hes just trying to hit me with anything hes got. he gets close then i jink and he goes up and back down. some how he doesnt manage to get hits on me and i make it about 5km from bux and he breaks off! w00t! So both my bombers and my fighter make it back and land. friken awsome mission, had my hear pounding like crazy the entire time. just had to tell some1 lol .

Read the thread over at the Hangar here.

Dinker gives the new HC advice

(October 6th - From Axis discussions 02-18-2008, 02:18 PM)
(OKA) Under the title 5 good tips for the newer HC guys to know, retired General and living Legend Dinker gave the new High Commanders some advice back in february 2008: " S! hc guys. For those that dont know me im an ol retired hc guy that has been meaning to post some secret tips from my long experience as a squad XO and former division officer witin the 12th Armee to which many i learnt the hard way by trial and error that i felt i should share. Some of these tips might seem silly to some of yous but trust me they really work ive died alot, been pmed dirty words and flat out been pwned in order to discover some of these basic secrets/tips that are effective. First but not least one thing ive noticed especially during allied prime time i see happen alot that i wanted to stress is:"

1. when going for an nme forward base which alot of hc spend there time doing when outnumbered....the standard thing you see is a .axis message " msp open for x fb blah blah".... now this fb is obviously important every axis player (or allied visitor) has just seen the .axis for help. now theres no doubt you will get help on the Foward base but sometimes and often this help turns out to be a complete waste of supply that only entertains the nme deffending the fb that was before luke warm and now smoking hot with mercs a charging/ tip 1 is never ever ask or get a .axis on a nme forward base that is deffended on an obviously high priorty allied atack use a few guys from the brigade or mission channel and take your time go together and hit it at the same time.

Read the whole article here and visit the thread here.

Oberst Drakhl on duty

(October 5th - 12. Armee)
(OKH) Oberst Drakhl, Stellvertrender Befehlshaber der 1. Kampfgruppe, 3. Panzerdivisionen and a member of 1st Fallschirmsjäger Regiment had a rocky start of Campaign 47 with several of his fellow offiziers in that timezone retiring and or moving to the Allied side.
" Well, the lines are a !@#%ing mess! And you can quote me on that!" he says to From the Front and orders the 2. Kampfgruppe of 1. Panzerdivision from Herbeumont to Bertrix, while a bodyguard keeps an eye on the surroundings of the bunker.

During the morning elements from 12. Armee defended Champlon and Wellin while trying to take Marche by force to no avail. A small detachment tried to take Bievre but was countered by the 605e Régiment de Pionniers who counter-attacked from Gedinne. All in all, the front is fluent and all the way from Herbeumont to Fresnes without brigades to defend.

From the Front by Svedala


The Defence of Montmedy

(October 5th -France )
(AHC) Tomba, French Country Chief of Staff, announced: " What an amazing defence. Starting around 7pm Australian time, the Allies faced 4 Axis Brigades against our poor, little and very lonely single brigade. None the less, we engaged in a form of defence not seen by this command for a long time; an overly organised one Right from the AO placement Allied troops were defending our only FB (Orval), and giving the Axis hell from a perimeter around town. Others guarded flags, and all flags were covered within the first ten minutes. This continued for the entire battle. As well, the Axis MSP's were being marked and destroyed, and more Allied players continued to spawn, creating a good number for defence.

As the battle progressed, the Allied line of ATG's and sappers in the field continued to wreak havoc against enemy PZ's, and it was a welcome sign for players in town not to see any panzers, bar the occasional 232, until the final stages of the battle. As well as our line outside of town, in each CP we had dedicated guards, who served right until the end. In fact, the communication was fantastic, and only four times did a CP fall in the first three hours. It was the final twenty minutes which saw, after repeated Axis paratrooper attempts, a wave finally work and depots fall. They all fell, very quickly - as expected. While we attempted to fight back and keep hold, the Axis had far greater numbers, and the panzers rolled into town after smashing through our lines, supporting their infantry very well and taking hold of all of the CP's. With three spawnables, there was nothing left for the Allies to hold on with."

Read the whole article here.


New Campaign and new Axis CinC

(October 4th - Cornered Rat Software)
(CRS) Campaign 46 was short, the Allies rolled the Axis. Due to a breach of the Code of Conduct for the High Command, Cornered Rat Doc announced that there will be a new CinC team for the Axis, the Allies suffered a quick change of command before Campaign 45 as well, but this time it was reported by the Rats.

Cornered Rat Doc: " Effective immediately, the new Axis CinC role will be filled by Gaspipe. We are confident he will do an outstanding job in his new role. His 2iC (CoS) will be Toro15 and his DCoS will be Rodlee. We hope everyone takes a step back to contemplate why this decision was necessary and understands it as part of the work we and our Community Managers do to give you the best and fairest gameplay experience that we can.
Good luck to Gaspipe, Toro15 and Rodlee and all their crew in staging a fun and exciting Campaign 47. Thank you for your support.
Playskewl thread Doc's announcement


Allied forces Victorious!

(October 3rd - From the Front)
(FTF) With Düsseldorf and Monchen-Gladbach under Allied control, Campaign 46 is now declared an Allied Victory! The campaign started september 25th at 1252 CT and ended october 3rd.

Oberkommando der Wehrmacht suffered a serious blow when five OKW officers left for the AHC and the Allies due to several reasons, but one beeing fighting within the OKA. These five officers were held in high regard by the playerbase and filled an important timezone for the Axis when Wehrmacht usually countered their losses of towns from other timezones (one could say the BC). Althou a sad affair for the Axis, the Allies won the Campaign in all fairness.
Playskewl thread. Read more here.

Battleground bloggers

(October 3rd - From the Front)
(FTF) Not only the Rats blogs (see Kfsone's pittance and Gophurhole), there are several players who blogs out there, not everyone keeps it updated thou but it can still be fun to read them, such as Gunnie and World War II Online and here's an old one from Trooper. If you know of Battleground Blogs let us know in the comments of this article. For now, let us take a look at one of the latest updates as well as one from this year, Tomba and Comstar, two well known Allied players.

Tomba's Emporium
So I received a PM
It's quite funny how some things happen. Whether it be by chance, coincidence, luck, fate - whatever you want to call it. Recently, as I became once more fully immersed in WWIIOL, I've been trying to find my 'old blog'. I'd started it back in the day when I read SRES' I believe, and Comstar's, so it's been here a while. As it was, I just couldn't find the link to it, or remember the username or password. I thought it was a rather lost cause, and it drifted to the back of my mind.
Read the whole Blog

Comstars WW2OL Blog
WHy WW2OL is the best damm PVP game there is
It could be, but the Rats have never really...marketed as much as they could, though the video you posted is a example of it. 'Corse it can also scare people off ("What do you mean I can't just click auto attack and win because I've spent 26 days more catassing that the other guy has!"). As the current tiny market for Flight Sims and Wargames shows (and for that matter, space sims that require a joystick!) most game players would rather fly an aircraft in Battlefield 2 than Falcon 4.0. If you like the level of detail and realism in Falcon 4.0, WW2OL should interest you. If you'd rather just press F1 to F8 and auto orbit a target at 120km from the target in your internets spaceships while you lasers look nice, then the realism and background detail is not going to be a selling point.

For England

Corporal Enders45 reported from the battlefield: " It was an early morning in October when I received the message of the paratrooping mission into Monchen Gladbach. I left from Aachen with a group of perhaps twenty men. Our mission: secure the airfield just north of the city. By the time we got near to the drop zone however, everything went wrong. The jump was scattered, and we immediately took fire from enemy APCs. A friend of mine, Berger, dropped near me and we could hear the soldiers being killed from across the plain.

We began headed to the airfield when we saw APCs and tanks cutting off our route. We decided to take a detour and go into the city. By the time we were there, we realized that our troops could not grab the airfield unless we grabbed a depot first. We knew what we had to do. We quickly moved through the town, jumping from cover to cover until we entered the depot. We began using the radio and hoisting up our flag. The timer had started, and we began to hold the position for ten minutes. Ten excruciatingly long minutes.

After the first two, it seemed as if we would encounter no resistance, and Berger convinced me it was safe for him to move throughout the city to an adjacent depot. That was the last I saw of him. Within a minute, I heard footsteps below me, as I was in the attic. I peeked out and saw two german soldiers trying to use the radio. I pulled the pin on a grenade and dropped it down the steps. Troops began pouring in, and I did my best to hold the attic. By the time I was on my last magazine, I had run out of count of how many I killed. A few bodies were on the steps of the attic, just seconds away from reaching me. Soon, grenades started going off all over. Smoke grenades filled the bottom floor and I found it hard to see. Eventually, the shooting stopped, and all there was, was bodies. Suddenly, the radio went off. The airfield had been captured. My mission, complete. I slowly went down the steps, and it was empty. I was able to get outside the town and grab a pickup back to a friendly firebase. Total body count: 14. I was unhurt.
AAR Sortie


Reviews of Battleground Europe

Metacritic is an important website/service for customers. It has a index that's formed from other reviews. Battleground Europe scores a 73 out of 100 which is a very good rating for such a niche MMO. The readers scores BE at 8.4 which is even better. The problem is that these kind of tools and reviews in general gets old when it comes to MMO's. Game Chronicles are one of those reviews that the index is based upon and that review was made in november 15th, 2005, when Pentium II was the standard. So if you like the game google reviews and rate or make a re-review, most websites offer that oppertunity. So what's the latest official review in english? Well this is:

Read Kragspire from Gamespot review, written august 2008:
" If you have allot of patience and are willing to devote yourself to learning the game, it will become rewarding in the end. Followed by a strong community that is nothing short but fantastic, WW2OL: Battleground Europe is an acquired taste that defines the role of niche gaming."


One Leutnant and 450 deadly encounters

(October 1st- Combat Stats & Records)
(CSR) Campaign 46 started september 25th 2008 so it is still young. By today the #1 sorties player, Leutnant Osmosis counted as many as 450 other players who either killed him or got killed by him, The young Leutnant has scored 249 kills, 347 damages and 642 deaths. This could be a sign off that many players are actually logging in to make a difference.
Wehrmacht have deployed 135 754 units to the battlefield compared to France 87 470 and United Kingdoms 41 902. Wehrmacht have captured 3 183 cp against France 2 674 and United Kingdoms 1 190. The Allies have less sorties but a significant amount of more caps then Wehrmacht which is not unusual for the Tier 0 and beginning of Tier 1.

Leutnant Osmosis rankings so far shows that he is one of the most active players:
Ranked #1 on the "Top Sorties" list.
Ranked #4 on the "Top Mortarmen" list.
Ranked #7 on the "Top ATRs" list.
Ranked #15 on the "Top Cappers" list.
Ranked #15 on the "Top SMG's" list.
Ranked #15 on the "Top RTB's" list.
Ranked #23 on the "Top Killers" list.
Ranked #31 on the "Top LMG's" list.
Ranked #47 on the "Top Riflemen" list.
Ranked #73 on the "Top TOM" list.

Logbook Top 100 Sorties Top 100 TOM

News archive - OKW news from 2003

(October 1st - 3rd Panzergruppe News archive)
(3.PzG) Going thru old archives can be fun sometimes, especially when you find news that goes back 5 years and is about what happend excactly 5 years ago. Here's a gem from 3rd Panzergruppes newssection that day, 5 years ago. Try it for yourself, The Wayback Archive.

Kokko steps down as the CinC Wednesday, October 01 2003 @ 16:17:15 EDT by keln
Today, Oberbefehlshaber Kokko retired his position as Commander in Chief of the Axis Forces. In his farwell letter, he did not give a specific reason for retiring, but stated that he would "take a vacation (and) come back as a grunt". He also stated that the lower ranks of the GHC have fresh officers with fresh new ideas, and extended his gratitude to the commanders in the field for "making it possible for us to be us". His resignation is effective today. Vasquez takes the mantle of CinC effective immediatly.

Twitter / corneredrats

After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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