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Current Campaign - 62
Campaign 61 - Allied victory
Campaign 58 - Axis Victory
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Report for duty to this first-person, online action game where players choose to fight alongsid and against thousands of other players on the battlefields of western europe. Grab a rifle and experience heart-stopping infantry action or choose to advance your skills in one of dozens of accurately modeled combat vehicles, naval vessels or aircraft. Succeed and help the cause of the Allied or Axis forces. Fail and watch your side get pushed back and struggle for a foothold. Features the armies, vehicles, weapons and equipment found on the battlefields of Western lEurope 1939-1942.


WWII Online News is back

The community made World War II Oline News is back and can be found at
Blownup and Warpigg are independent and will report News from the frontlines as well as the Community in such a way.

Campaign 36 Aftermath

I tried out the french and british side during this campaign and the Allies won Campaign 36.

Here is my testimony, un-cut.



Campaign 36 about to start

(Svedala is playing Allies this map and will continue to write news from all three countries)

It was monday and the conflict at the Zeelands involving the major powers of the western Europe, was about to escalate. Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy had met head to head outside Katz and shells had been exchanged while Marine Nationale had moved warships towards Bergen-Op-Zoom to initiate a blockade of the german held sea town. All was not well in Western Europe, strong forces was on the move and a full scale war on the rise.

Generalfeldmarschall PTXL, CinC, announced: " Hereby I decorate all the players who helped out the Axis side to win this campaign #35. The Axis did a very good job. We could have won the campaign earlier, but the Allied stopped us before we reached their factories, and pushed us back. It is a turkey. Wear it with pride!"


WWIIOL´s 6th Birthday

World War II Online: Battleground Europe turned 6 years old today!


(June 5th - Oberkommano das Heer)
(OKH) Kommandeurs Tuck, Armee Branch Commander and Lince, Armee Branch Chief of Staff announced the awards: After a great campaign we Heer want to thx all the Armee and Armee Korps officers for their outstanding effort leading the Axis troops toward the victory.We are glad to announce that Hondo17 , 12th Armee CO, Mrtoad, 6th Armee XO and Rg53, XVIII.Armeekorps CO have been awarded with :
Iron Cross 1st Class

We are also glad to announce that Klaas, 6th Armee CO, Kms , 12th Armee XO, Vondoosh, IV AK CO, Jweiter, IV AK XO, Spock420, XIX AK CO, Xl2ctx1, XIX AK XO, Katonka, XXVII AK CO, Whiskies, XXVII AK XO, Spyr0x, XXVII AK XXO, Drkmouse, XVIII AK XO and Leaderon XVIII AK XXO have been awarded with :

After a great campaign we Heer want to thx all the Squads for their outstanding efforts helping the Axis troops toward the victory.We are glad to announce that 250 Hispana, ( Spain), 15 DAK, ( Spain ) and KGW, ( Scandinavia ) have been awarded with :

Iron Cross 2nd Class

We are also glad to announce that 130 PLD, ( Germany ), CSPB, ( Czech ), Osasto Lagus, ( Finland ), REI, ( Italy ) and 300 BIA, ( Spain ) have been awarded with :

Iron Cross 3rd Class



Killing British Tanks with rifle

VonHorst, announced the release of instruction videos on how to kill british tanks with a rifle: " Yes its finally out. Here it is check it out. ALL TANKS FLAMED WITH A RIFLE! I hope this helps some people in game, that rifle can be used in a another way . Now in game climbing on a tank and killing him like that might be harder then it looks. but if you are in town with 15 tanks all around you and all you have is a rifle, this is one way you can put it to good use. "

Flame vickers-
Flame A13-
Flame a DAC-
Flame Crusader II-
Flaming Crusader III-



(June 1st - Oberkommando der Achsenmächte)

(OKA) Generalfeldmarschall PTXL, CinC OKA, announced: " The OKA decorates our Kommandeur des Propagandakorps, Svedala with the Grand Cross 2nd Class for his outstanding PR duties.We are very impressed by his work, therefor this award.Well deserved!"

(OKH) Generalmajor Clust63, Stellvertrender Kommandeur der 33. Infanterie Division, announced: " I get pleasure to give this medal and ribbon for 2 of guys that get max effort in avelgem's battle last week! Their example is a lesson for all other : thet done more ms more tow and more caps in town this in a worst fight that i remeber in ww2 last map! Their names are PARASIT and ALEXLO67 GJ AND WELL DESERVED!!"

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After Action Reports

Jun 30 12:41 A-20 uses ground Intel Sgt Usaf77 (UK/AF)
Jun 30 03:50 Ballsukin Sgt Kauhu88 (DE/NV)
Jun 29 01:51 death from above!! Maj Fox403 (UK/AR)
Jun 28 16:44 Defence of Grobbendonk, 28/06 Lt Lowe (UK/AR)
Jun 27 19:50 Prum ZOC Corp Reptard (UK/AR)
Jun 27 15:34 Liberation of Losheim Capt Weiker (DE/AR)
Jun 26 21:01 111 bombs now even kill? Corp Kauhu88 (DE/AF)
Jun 23 01:55 Bombs away! Lnc Corp Welly (UK/AF)
Jun 22 18:54 7 down, 493 to go... Lt Col Madplan0 (DE/AR)
Jun 22 01:14 Jarny Combat Air Patrol -- Jun... Maj Infinity (UK/AF)
Jun 20 12:59 jackpot Sgt Maj Karas (FR/AR)
Jun 19 11:50 Knife Kill on LMG Maj Speed68 (UK/AR)
Jun 19 11:26 Big win... untimate battle 2nd Lt Bzrdbird (DE/AR)
Jun 18 04:46 Allied infantry push for St. T... Capt Rampski (DE/AR)
Jun 15 08:37 Woo rammed Sgt Vanowen (DE/AF)
Jun 14 22:15 Pot Shots Pvt Channelcat (FR/AR)
Jun 14 19:44 The Battling Bastards of Bouil... QM Sgt Rabidx (DE/AR)

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